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Re: Server Admins


hi, guys.

cross, first of all i have to say:

what u wrote about how server admins should behave like is absolutely right.judging with no

personal anger or frustration. and i´m with u when u say that upholding the rules is one of the

highest priority here in the team as well as on the servers.and if nessessary, to kick even team members.





-what if there is a player (not evehn a team member) starting making trouble, only

because he is told what the rules are and PLEASE to follow them?!?


-what if he (after several times of explaining and almost begging to stop misbehaviour)

still does not want to understandf the rules. still doing his own game, not giving a #$@^ on

watching the other players, running towards zulu as if there´s no tomorrow and the others have to

clean up the garbage, just because this player does NOT know what teamplay really means?!?


-what, if he (after two kicks) goes on with this and starts to insult the admin, calling him idiot

infront of all others and even after a ban of 24 still doesn´t want to obey the rules u tell us to follow,    and tell us to explain to all players on our servers to follow.


-what, if , when the admin is online the next time, and the first thing he can read in the chat in

the game is (cause the admin is german): "they should rename the server into AUSCHWITZ SERVER"

and again gets laughed at and insulted.


- what, if all this gets worse, because this player knows: when the admin kicks or bans me,

 i only have to run to the big boss and cry like a little girl with pigtails on her tricycle.

 the big boss unbans me and everything is fine again.




- i have never been rude, unfair, insulting or laughing at any player out there.

 i always tried to be fair and helping. sometimes i got more often killed as i killed tangos,

 because i was writing like letters in order to explain the game, how it is meant to be played

 on our server, and some technical stuff.

 if there´s anyone telling something different, he is a lying b&*%#@d.


- but if there is a player, who is not even a team member, acting like i described above,

 i´m asking: what do we need server admins for?

 at the moment i don´t even know what the =TS= stands for in front of my name.

 please don´t tell me it doesn´t stand for idiot who u can do with whatever u want to.


 getting these tags was , is, and should ever be something special and should everyone

 who has them make in a way proud of being a part of this community to support this great work

 u started. any member who is not fair and not following the rules, should instantly give

 the tags away! cause he is not worth it!


 in my opinion, the first and most important thing u are given with these tags is responsibility.

 some guys seem to think, with these tags the´re becoming something better, but i don´t, believe that!

 never forget that everyone wearing  =TS= in his name is representing team stealth to the public.


 i always tried my best to support this great community with some really great guys inside.

 but i cannot keep the flag high when u stick it up my butt from behind.


 but when i get online and see this special player is still playing on our servers, i really start

 felling like an idiot, wondering what he told u. in my opinion, it couldn´t have been the truth...


 so, what am i a member of this team stealth for, when team members don´t seem to trust me.

 when a player doesn´t have to show some respect to a server admin(some people told me, i was way too

 polite with this guy)?!?


 what am i a member of this team stealth for, when it is wrong to do, what u want me to do?!?

 to follow the rules, to explain all players to do it, to judge fair.


 and what is the next step? perhaps this special player will ask for a member application, eh?

 but then u better give him my tags, be sure, cause i don´t wanna be a part of a "community",

 where rules are meaningless.

 oh, by the way, my two guinnea pigs would like the tags, too. ok, they don´t know anything of

 team spirit or rules and all that bothering stuff, but hey, is that really important?


 don´t get me wrong, but u cannot want me to take all this and still be proud to be a part of this team.


 k, i don´t wanna bother u any longer.....


 a frustrated and angry member,



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First of all i apologize, i spoke to this person and made it clear one more problem and it's a permanent ban so if he is still causing problems  BAN HIS BUTT FOREVER. if i had interfeared i'm sorry it will never happen again

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I know you have a real problem with the non-member but the forum is not the place to air your complaint.

If you have a problem with any of the senior admins actions you should put it in a PM to one of the Personnel Officers, They will investigate it and make any necessary recommendations. Do it by the book, if he comes back and starts causing trouble then warn him twice then ban him permanently.




PS I have moved this topic to complaints

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