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The Division

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      Space Engine.


          This isn't actually a new game but I'm not sure if any one has actually heard of it. For those who like space and exploring, this is for you. It is a simulator/game where you get to explore the known Universe in all it's glory and wonder. You can hop from galaxy to galaxy seeking out new worlds and one's that have the potential for supporting life. You can even fly your own space craft, but this can be very tricky in it's self. The graphics are bloody good for a game that is totally free to download and play. It is a beta and they do suggest you have the latest video driver installed. It can be a bit heavy on your memory too. All in all a good space adventure to try out. 

      Here is the link to download - http://spaceengine.org/download/spaceengine

      It's about a Gb in size.

      Here is a video I did of me in game play, so you can see how good the graphics are. Music is by - M83 - I'm sending you away.      Enjoy.


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      Yet another video I did while in space engine. Come take a journey of our solar system and all it's thirteen planets (including Dwarf planets). Tour the vastness of space, and see just how small we really are, compared to our solar system, our galaxy and our universe. Music by Stelladrone - "Eternity" "I don't belong here".



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