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The Division

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      Ghost Recon Wildlands Beta Review.


          Well I have to say my first impressions of Wildlands is good. Not a bad game.

      Although I see a lot of similarity between it and The Division, when it comes

      to the Ai. And they can be very brutal, especially the UniDad Patrols.

      Now I know it was only a Beta test but I found the Graphics not bad, but not

      good either. Mainly the ground textures, they were very blurry in some spots

      then would suddenly come good. The Ai were constantly teleporting from spot

      to spot in the middle of battle and even would simply disappear altogether.

          Operating the helicopter was a challenge but I found flying the plane was much

      worse. Sometimes the controls just would not respond properly when going up

      or down or even trying to turn. Cars and bikes were the same, very sluggish in turning.

          Setting up your character is a breeze though, nothing like the Division. Won’t have spend

      hours on end trying to kit your-self up for toughness and role your weapons. You just earn

      your add-ons as you go, from what I have seen. I found snipering with only a 4x scope abit of

      a challenge though, I could only manage a 607metre kill shot. We will get better scope's along the

      way, they just weren't unlocked in the beta.

          The game play was quite good and enjoyable. But stealth is the key to this game, and when

      you can, not engaging the enemy will give you better mission success in the end. I just hope

      it doesn’t become repetitious like the Division.

          All in all, I enjoy what I played of it and I think it has a lot of potential. Not a bad game.

      I give it 7 out of 10…….. for now.

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      6 answers to this question

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          More confirmed gameplay details have been revealed for Ubisoft's upcoming open world tactical third-person shooter

      "Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands," like a competitive player versus player (PvP) feature and a gameplay mechanic that allows players to shape the game's open world.

      It has been confirmed that Ubisoft has plans for a competitive multiplayer feature to be added into the game, though the specifics are still unannounced.

      Some believe that the game's PvP system could be comparable to how Ubisoft handled the feature in

      "The Division," which is similarly a game featuring primarily single play although with a dedicated region for persistent PvP called the Dark Zone.

      The current speculations suggest that instead of a Dark Zone for "Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands,"

      the developers could instead create separate game modes that is more in line with the traditional multiplayer shooter.

      An example of a game type is "Ghost vs. Cartels" which will place some players in the role of the setting's main enemies against the Ghosts, or an even more traditional team death match.


      (Extract from vinereport website).

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          Just spent the weekend trying out the OPEN Beta this time, and in short............


                             I won't be wasting my money on buying this game.


          The concept of the game is good, the graphics were great, but the dynamics are crap.

      I see this going the way of The Division when it comes to game play performance and server issues.

      All the vehicles are still too crappy in their handling and I notice now that some Ai can take up to 3 shots to bring down.

      I can see this game having MAJOR SERVER problems in the future when it comes to the quality of game play.

      For instance, I got in a chopper and before it could even start up, the chopper got catapulted about 100m across a field,

      like some one had let go of a sling shot. When Bruce was playing the game he got ALOT of black screen and game

      crashes, even system crashes. I had a least one system crash myself.


          So I'm not getting until they fix the vehicle handling at the very least. I give it 5 out of 10 atm.

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      Well when Bruce and I were flying the chopper (although Bruce swears he was sitting in the chopper),

      my screenshot shows him Blade Running on the rotor. This is how he stayed for the entire flight.




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      Wow, guys.  Thanks for the info.  I looked real hard at this Beta, read some reviews on Steam; then I saw it was 50GB!

      No thanks, but it's nice to know some =TS= peeps are trying it out.

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