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The Division

Connect to our teamspeak server and join us in a great game of The Division, you'll always find someone online to play with!

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      Being trying out the Steep beta, and in 3 words.............


      WORSE GAME EVER...!!!!!


      I'm not wasting $80 on this crap. Now I know it's only a beta but I found myself

      getting very bored and bloody frustrated with the game play very quickly. Yet another open world crap game

      by Ubisoft, just like the Division.Trying to control your  character can be very difficult

      and I found I was always getting hooked on things very easily. And when you took a fall,

      my character would take about 5minutes to roll down the mountain before coming to a stop.

      The lag on the server was terrible, I was getting HORRIFIC Spawn lag every time somebody joined

      where I was. And that was bad when your in the middle of a stunt.And trying to see where you are going

      when your pulling about 4-5  G's was a nightmare. Couldn't see your path properly.

      The graphics and audio were good, but not great.


      I give it 3 out of 10.

      Don't let this video fool you, it's harder than it looks doing some of these stunts.

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      Here is some game play I did.


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      Cool, I'll check it out....thanks.

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