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I Got Banned Again.


If any one here really knows me, they would know I am a fair and honest player.

Never cheated. Recently I got banned yet again from another BF4 server for suspected cheating.

This time the reason is getting 100% HS/k for the SKS. Not to mention I have not even unlocked this gun let alone used it as shown in my stats.

Not one kill with this gun.

They have me mistaken for some one else or there is a serious bug in the game.

Here is a short video of it.

What should I do?


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Hi Hitman,

 firstly, the ban you have recieved is not an official ban.. not Supported by EA... so you will have to contact the guys that are running that server and plea your case..

i've looked into your stats and i agree that you have not used the SKS rifle once whilst playing BF4 as it isnt even unlocked yet..

been checking metabans and you officially have not been banned by any main EA servers just the one server has detected you...

the reason for your Ban is the stupid plugin that they are running called CheatDetector..


This plugin tries to detect cheaters by their BF3 Battlelog Stats. This is done in the following way:
When a new player has joined (by detecting new entries in the playerlist. not by the playerjoined event, to prevent spamming) his stats are fetched from his Battlelog page (3 requests).
This is done for 1 player every 30 seconds, to not trigger any restrictions on the Battlelog side using a fifo-queue (first in, first out. or fcfs (first come, first served))
Then every weapons stat (with more than 130 kills, or more headshots than kills with more than 20 kills) is checked against a collection of averages to decide if its normal, suspicious or impossible.

The following stats are checked:
Player SPM (score per minute)
Weapon k/m (KPM, kills per minute)
Weapon hs/k (HSPK, headshots per kill)
Weapon k/h (KPH, kills per hit)
Weapon accuracy..


if you look at your BF3 stats for the SKS rifle you have 117 headshot kills and only 105 kills giving a kill percentage of 111% calling for a suspicous ban..


It sucks like hell that people have to use stats for a different game to determine whether you are using a hack..


Thirdly,, Getting banned is the norm for =TS= tag holders,, ive been banned on several servers because someone doesn't like my play style.. and the same goes for a few other people here.. or if the admin on that particular server doesnt like the way pressed the W key they will issue a ban for that server..


so either plea your case with the server admins, or find a new server.. it is the plugin they are using that has called you out, which is stupid for using BF3 stats on a BF4 server


please remember to gently stroke your keys, and not beat the keyboard because the admins will know :14:

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Thanks for your encouraging words Rydon. Mean a lot.

So your saying I have been banned because of the SKS from Bf3......Wow.

I will have to check that stat you mentioned. 117 Hs but only 105 kills. I didn't even know that.

How the hell did I manage that? I'm at a loss. I can't explain it.

All I want to do is have abit of fun and make video's of my game play.

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One other thing I find interesting is that I apparently I have 117 HS/k but I

only recorded 105 kills with this gun in BF3. So there seems to be some thing

wrong with the numbers there along. That does not make any sense.


When I look at the stats on my in game profile I get a different Accuracy %.

And if I am suspected of cheating with this weapon, then my have I fired
so many rounds off with it to get all these head shots and kills.
Some thing is very wrong with the numbers here.



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Well I got banned yet again from another bf4 server due to my sks stats from bf3.

Bruce and i decided to do some sniper practice in bf4.

It took me about half an hour to pull off these 2 HS/K @ a range of 2731m for the first

then 2787 for the second. As I hope you can see, there is no cheating involved here.

Yet I am called a hacker and banned from bf3 and bf4 servers for suspected cheating.


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the only explanation i can gather for such a high accuracy in BF3 with the SKS is double headshots but that means you landed double headshots 12 times..

you are banned only because of a faulty plugin..


those are some great shots by the way..


i will try to inform the developers about the problem we are seeing with the plugin.. and if you know which servers you got banned from try and inform one of the  admins.. i believe they are using procon to run their servers automatically and they need to release your name from the blacklist..


you are only banned on servers that are using this plugin.. best way round to ensure you dont see any future bans is to play BF3 use the SKS and miss a few  headshots.. or injure first then kill..

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This topic caught my attention, but only after I saw Hitman's video first.   I followed the link in the YouTube comments section.


My take on this, knowing the way Hitman plays around in servers ( himself, and one or two others in a map for hours, goofing off ), I suspect he got these Stats after testing the weapons on a friend, or shooting someone up close, much like the "hide and seek BF4" video recently posted.  Or something similar.  He's a sniper, and many players teach themselves to "aim for the head"!


Here are his most "suspicious" Stats out of 87 Weapons, which have Headshot data collected;

SKS: Ranked # 31 -  http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf3/soldier/WoodyWoodPecka/iteminfo/sks/352831904/pc/  Hs/K = 111%  (105 Kills)

L85A2: Ranked # 35 -  http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf3/soldier/WoodyWoodPecka/iteminfo/l85a2/352831904/pc/ Hs/K = 127%  (100 Kills)

G17C: Ranked # 64 -  http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf3/soldier/WoodyWoodPecka/iteminfo/g17c/352831904/pc/ Hs/K = 100%  (less than 20 Kills)

9mm Suppressed: Ranked # 66 -  http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf3/soldier/WoodyWoodPecka/iteminfo/m9-supp/352831904/pc/ Hs/K = 125%  (less than 20 Kills)


BUT, his #1 ranked weapon Stats;

PKP PECHENEG: Ranked #1 -  http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf3/soldier/WoodyWoodPecka/iteminfo/pkp-pecheneg/352831904/pc/ Hs/K = 17%  (2076 Kills)


A few of Hitman's "BF3 stats" look odd, but must be some kind of explainable anomaly.  I seriously don't know how some of these stats are calculated, given that not a single "Accuracy" Stat looks correct to me (from the ones I checked).
And, I'd say that using BF3 stats alone to decide on a BF4 ban, is a little draconian.  Even for me, and I'm an idiot about that kind of stuff.  I agree with rydon's solution of playing some BF3 with those weapons, and just play crappy on purpose.  I'd do it for hours, in a TDM server or a full server of your choice.  Who cares about BF3 stats now anyway!  Just have a few beers and join a full server for as long as you can stand it, keeping in mind why you're doing it.  It can't hurt, and might allow you some trouble-free BF4 play from now on.  Good hunting!

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Yeh, the reason for the ban is for the SKS which i have been told is bugged on certain servers. How do I get 117 HS/k

from 105 kills. Some thing messed up with these numbers. But you what, I'm over it anyway. I have plenty of video's

on my YouTube channel to show just how I play. I just like messing around and having fun.

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