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      Are Headshots Really Headshots?


      I have just started playing BF4 recently, and I have to question the accuracy of the game.

      When a player scores a heahshot, was it really a headshot?

      After recording a game with Alien and myself goofing around in there I got video evidence

      that the accuracy in this game is off. I myself have questioned many times some of the

      headshots I've done, thinking no way. Watch this and tell me what you think.

      I clearly see a shoulder shot in this yet scored a headshot.


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      2 answers to this question

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      that some really fast recoil you got from rifle.. i agree shoulder shot.. slow it down frame by frame and you see all the blood explode from the ear.. you also see that you recover from the recoil before the shot landed

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      Lol, Yeh I have to say that Alien was a real bleeder and sprayer. But I'm glad you see what I saw, that it was clearly a shoulder shot.

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