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Soulless's Application  

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Date of Birth

  16-March 94



Tell Us about yourself.

My name is Justin Sheehan. I am an Accounting Major and am currently working on my Master's Degree. As such, I do not have a whole lot of free time when school starts up. I have been a "regular" on the TeamSpeak server for over a year and this summer was really the first chance that I had to really sit down and get on TS and play games with people and converse. I really have only had the pleasure of talking with those who play Overwatch and League of Legends, but I am always open for conversation with everyone. 


Are you or have you ever been part of another gaming Clan Or Community? If so, who, how long and any other details about that membership we should be aware of that would help in determining your membership here.

I have never been part of a clan or community before. 


We offer our members with a wide range of help and support, We are always looking for Professionals willing to volenteer help with Server setups, Computer/IT knowledge and general PC support.


Please list any skills you'd be willing help out with.

Unfortunately my know-how is not on the Server, IT, or PC support area. I am proficient in Excel and various other accounting software (none of which I have access to). I would still not mind helping in any way possible.

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Welcome to the site Soulless!


A long time regular on TeamSpeak. Vote up!


~ Eddie

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