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Games For Low End Pc's And Graphic Cards



Some of you may not have the money for awesome graphics cards and dual quad core products and desktops in order to play a game of your choice.  However, there are steam and origins games that you can play on your not-so-cool computer:


I started off listing my list of steam and origin games that I've been able to play on an Intel graphic card or in that particular group:


Laura Croft - I have all of the bundles and they all play on my low end laptop


Half Life - I can play this without stalls or run-a-way mouse pointer; but Half Life 2 doesn't play well.  The audio doesn't match their lips movement -- it's like one of those old time martial arts movies where you hear the words but the mouth moves afterwards.


Red Alert 2 - Great playback


Deus Ex - This entire bundle shows well.  This game is really cool.  Try it!


Total War - This actually works on Intel Graphic Cards


Hitman -  The entire Hitman bundle can play on low graphic cards.  I have the entire bundles (kinda boring though)


Unreal 2 - This is good too but not like the Unreal Tournament.   I haven't made it down that far to install this on my laptop yet.


Portal 2 - This plays well


Aliens vs Predators - This is one of the first games and Moonchild talked me into buying this.  I played this game only twice.  This can be play on a low end.


Quake - The graphics is good but I don't like the game once I seen it wasn't the type of FPS I was looking for.


Serious Sam - I've seen Cross play this game.  I installed it on my laptop and the graphics is perfect.


GTA-Vice City - I installed this and the graphics is perfect BUT the recent ones don't work.  Gotta have a serious graphic card.  I have the entire bundle but can only play the older versions of GTA


Mafia - I have the entire bundle but can only play City of Lost Heavens.  Too bad because Mafia II rocks 


Need For Speed: Underground 2 - Graphics are perfect on this one.  Haven't checked out the others yet


Counter Strike - Well, this is the first one I believe and the graphics are great.  However, I can't play CS:GO.  I'm wondering if the two counter strikes prior to CS:GO can be played.  I'll check


Wolfenstein - I got this one free and hadn't played it yet.  I installed it on this laptop and the graphics are great!  Nice game too


Call of Duty - I know this one plays good but haven't tried Call of Duty 2 yet.   These are the only two that I have at the moment.


Far Cry - This one has awesome graphics and I like it.  But I can't play Far Cry 2 or 3.  I don't even get an image just a white page until Win10 give a pop up saying files not found  hahahahaha


Doom 3 - I have the entire bunch and they all play


Team Fortress - Graphics are perfect ... does anyone have this game? 


Just Cause - You can play this game on your terrible computer.  I have them all and I started Just Cause 2 which is really fun.


Black Hawk Down - For some reason I'm able to play this game but I have to go into the actual Steam file and click on the game application from in there to play it.


There are probably more but these are just the games in my library.   All of my Hacker Evolution games work as well. Pain Killer:Black Edition works well too.


If you enjoy playing games with your friends, group or gaming community but can't because your computer won't allow.  Get together and find a cool multi-player game that everyone can enjoy.


That's all I have for now!

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Thanks for the info, MAGNET.

I would like to add, if you have a desktop PC with integrated graphics and would like to add a video card, but either aren't sure or don't have the Power Supply (PSU) for a high-end card, then check out the Nvidia GeForce GTX 950 02G-P4-2951-KR 2GB Graphics Card --->  Found at (USA) Newegg.com, currently on sale for $140, less $20 Mail In Rebate.. Making it $120 Free Shipping, after rebate.

Power Specs are; Max Power Draw: 110W - Recommended PSU: 350W, AND it comes with a "4-Pin(2) to 6-Pin Adapter", in case your PSU has no PCIe connectors.  Since almost every PSU has 2 unused 4-pin Molex connectors, this is a "best bang for the buck", low-mid level Graphics Card, that easily out performs 2x GTX 560Ti in SLI configuration.  And I have it on good authority that a single GTX 950, along with an i-7 & 8GB of DDR3 RAM will run CoD Black Ops 3 very well, WHILE recording gameplay using Nvidia Shadow Play (included in the NVIDIA GeForce Experience bundled along with NVIDIA Drivers.

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