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Windows 10.......... Or Not ?


    My opinion...... Windows 10 is bullshit. I would advise you to think long and hard before getting win 10.

Not only can't you disable updates, ( and believe me you can't. I have tried).
It will just install them eventually with out you even knowing about it.
You can only defer updates for up to 8 months, then they will just install anyway.
The only other thing I could try is to run Linux as a firewall on a separate machine and see if I can stop
the updates that way.
Last update for win 10 screwed up my network connection. After some research I found out it is massive
problem (Bug) in one of their updates.

And if you want to uninstall the updates you can only uninstall the one ones it allows you too.

    And that's not to mention everything you do, everywhere you go, every keystroke is information sent directly
back to Microsoft. Even info on your web-cam gets sent to them. By default when installing win 10
ALL privacy setting are set to ON or SEND back to Microsoft. You have to manually turn all this off
when installing, or even after installing. (If you don't want your privacy violated).
But even then, when win 10 updates it has been known to switch these privacy settings to default again, which is on.

    I use a program called "SpyBot Anti-Beacon" at the moment to ensure that these settings aren't changed by win 10
(which win 10 has been known to do through an update).

Here is a must watch VIDEO on things you may not of known about win 10. (This guy apparently worked for Microsoft).

    No wonder they were giving it away. They couldn't sell it.
I will be most likely going back to win 7. I am Not going to be forced into updating windows 10
when I don't wish too, or even need too.


    I'm not saying it's a conspiracy or that I'm even having a b%#!ch,

well, maybe having a little b%#!ch but I think with just cause.

Up to you to decide weather it's worth upgrading to win 10 for free and trading off your privacy for bully tactics from Microsoft.

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o0 cant you just start the win7 installation and wipe win 10 of the drive that way? just need to make sure that you have all needed drivers before doing that.


btw the 10 stands for nsa edition  :14:

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@ Hitman


I'm carrying this laptop around because I need it for my classes.  I still have my other desktop computers but, I have to use this laptop.  I use this more than I use my desktops.   Magnetron was made from scratch and I do not have any problems with it and it has Win7 on it.   Rosie, the name of my old winxp desktop works great even though it's WinXP!  Since they are too bulky and to many pieces to carry around, I had to get me a laptop!


Anyway possible to start a Help-Me-Out-With-Windows10 thread or forum?


I'm having too many problems even as I'm posting this -- stupid-dummies!  No wonder they're offering it free of charge! :26:

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In case you're not aware of it, the first "Windows" rule is: NEVER upgrade Windows!

And if you weren't looking, you might be dealing with THIS...  Those who have posted in this thread are acutely aware of Windows 10 (upgrade), but it's been a headache for many of my clients this past year.  I will be staying clear of it for my personal use, for sure.  Do you have a Windows 10 Notebook?  Reverting it to Windows 8.1 or 7 "might" be possible.  For free, even (less any labor fees, of course).


For MAGNET - I live fairly close to you, and all I do is computer repair; Software, Virus/Malware removal, Hardware, Windows repair & installation..  Perhaps I can help you with your Notebook...??  I'll PM my contact info, so look in your Messenger Inbox.


That Spybot program was a good find, by the way.

I have one client who has "upgraded" to Windows 10, and yeah.. It's a nightmare/money maker for me.  I just can't convince him to let me cleanly install Windows 8 back on his 2010 custom machine; he says he likes Windows 10.  But if it wasn't for the fact that he has fast, non-stop, Cable Internet, he'd be singing a different tune.  From what I gather, Windows 10 is in CONSTANT 2 way communication with Redmond...  Tracking & recording everything you do, little brother in full swing.

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Well since first posting about this, I have given win 10 a try several times, mainly because I had issues with my new hardware in win 7. But this is a small price to pay, rather than putting up with win 10. A friend of mine came home one day to find his system had been updated to win 10 from win 7 automatically. This has happened to him twice now.  It seems microsoft are forcing win 10 onto people now. I told him to do a afresh install of win 7 and disable updates. This is what I did, then did a clone of my C drive. So if they ever try this crap on my system I can just revert back to my original install. Its seems one of the updates for win 7 has now been designed to update your system to win 10 without your knowledge or permission. From what I have seen in forums, this has been wide spread for win 7 users.

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