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      New G1 Gaming Build.


      Finally getting some of the components together for my next build.


      Intel Core i7 6700K Skylake-S 4.0GHz  CPU.





      Gigabyte Z170X Gaming G1 LGA1151 DDR4 eATX Motherboard.






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      In the final stages of completion. Have installed the "Samsung 950 Pro series 512Gb M.2"

      This little thing is less than half the size of a stick of ram, but I get read speeds @ 2500Mb/s

      and write @ 1500Mb/s.

      Installed some of the sleeved cabling, but still waiting on the rest of them to arrive. Not to mention

      the fan hubs and Ram that are still in the post.


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      Well, it's finished and running. will upload video shortly and specs.



      no name pc 2 finished

      no name pc finished


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      Here is video and list of parts in my new tower.

      Again, very sorry for for poor video quality.

      Using AIDA64 Extreme software I throttled the cpu (@4.2GHz) and gpu for 10 minutes.

      Both seem to perform well. Cpu Temp was no higher than 51degrees C. Gpu didn't rise

      above 31 Degrees C.



      TOWER - THERMALTAKE Core W100.
      MOTHERBOARD - Gigabyte Z170 G1 gaming MB.
      CPU - Intel Core i7 'Skylake' Processor-6700k 4GHz clocked to (4.2 GHz).
      SSD/HDD - Hyper X Savage 480GB SSD (Read-560MB/s  Write-530MB/s).
      Seagate Barracuda 3TB HDD.
      Seagate 2TB HDD.
      RAM - Corsair 32GB DDR4 Vengeance C16 White Led @ 3466MHz.
      GPU - Gigabyte G1 Gaming Geforce GTX 970 (Fitted with the EK-FC970 Nickel Plexi Water Block and EK Back Plate).
      PSU - XFX PRO 1000w Limited Black Edition Full Modular 80+ Platinum.
      XSPC AX240.
      EK-Coolstream PE360 Triple.
      RESERVOIR - 2x XSPC D5 PHOTON 270 Pump/Reservoir Combo.
      CPU WATERBLOCK - XSPC Raystorm.
      FITTINGS AND TUBING - All XSPC fittings and PETG Tubing.
      Primochill VORTEX Flow Indicator.
      EK Af Ball Valves.
      LIQUIDS - Ice Dragon (White) Cooling.
      EK-Ekoolant Pastel Red (Concentrate).
      FANS - 18 x Corsair SP120 High Performance Edition.
      1 x CORSAIR AF140.
      3 x Fractal Design 140.
      FAN CONTROLLERS - 1 x NZXT Sentry 3 Fan Controller.
      1 x NZXT Grid+ V2 Fan Controller.
      2 x SILVERSTONE 1-8 Fan Controller.
      CABLING - All Red Extension Cabling by GAMECHIEF.
      LEDS - NZXT HUE+ Advanced Illumination.
      GROSS WEIGHT - 48 Kg.

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          Well, I have just clocked my cpu to 4.6 GHz and stress tested and benchmarked it.

      All seemed to run well.Temps got to a max of 73 degree's C. Which I thought was quite good.

      My GTX970 didn't go over 31 Degree's C under full load.

          Here are some screen shots of the results.



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