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Date of Birth

  20-August 90



Tell Us about yourself.



My name is Larry and I'm looking to join the Team Stealth community. I met a couple members through War frame and also play games like mine craft and League of Legends. 


I'm a pretty easy going guy really, nothing too interesting to say. I like art and drawing comics and I'm looking for a good group of friends to just pal around with some good games. 


I mean feel free to ask me anything else if you're interested. 


Are you or have you ever been part of another gaming Clan Or Community? If so, who, how long and any other details about that membership we should be aware of that would help in determining your membership here.

I've been parts of guilds in World of Warcraft and Guildwars. Me and Consumed ran a guild community for a while back in WoW. We like fostering new lasting friendships and having a community of like minded gamers. 


We offer our members with a wide range of help and support, We are always looking for Professionals willing to volenteer help with Server setups, Computer/IT knowledge and general PC support.


Please list any skills you'd be willing help out with.

I work in design and branding so web design and promotional artwork I can help with if the clan is looking for any kind of artistic stuff. 


I also like to dabble in webcomics which I'm sure could lead to fun situations 


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Met SirLawrenceton in TS3, has a funny and easy going personality, look forward to playing with.

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Welcome to the website SirLawrenceton! I look forward to seeing you in TeamSpeak.

These applications usually take a week or so.

~ Eddie

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