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Need Some Support For A Pc For =Ts= Foley


After a few days and a long chat with our Aussie Division, It has come to our attention That one of our members, Mr =Ts=Foley, has only his school issued laptop to play with (unless borrowing his older brothers PC)


I have a dual core CPU and board, 4 gig of DDR 2 800 ram, and a 500 watt PSU.


What i would like to do, and i ask for you, the community, to help if you can, contribute to getting the items we do not have.


Thus far we need:

1 x mid tower or full tower

1 x dvd drive

1 x 1tb or 500 gig HDD

1 x Graphics card.


After looking at our local supplier, (here in queensland, Australia) I have found that we need AU$250 to build him a basic PC.


Foley's Birthday will happen on December the 2nd, and i would like to have this build and sent before then.


Delivery will cost $145,


I have the primary systems and i will cover the delivery cost myself.


Dearest members of the Crew, if you have a few pennies to spare, please let me know and i will hand along my Paypal details and i will post receipts and photos as the purchases are made, if i can get it all in one big hit, i will attatch a pdf of the invoice.



Help me make Foley a happy man and give the chance to get his own PC for some basic gaming.


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A final update.

As of this evening, steam is installed, I have swapped out the 160 gig drive sent with my old 600gig Raptor instead, and foley's games are installing.

I have finalized the plans, and I will be personally driving the 450km to his place to deliver the PC and to say hi to the lions share of our Aussie Cohort. (sorry theo and Hitman, I cannot get to WA)


As per our discussions with a few of you, any donations toward the fuel to get me and the PC there and back would be greatly appreciated. I am leaving my home on the Gold Coast in Queensland on the 29th of November and i should be home sunday evening of the 30th.


After a little maths and some quick checks and it would seem that my old clunker of a wagon will need 3 full tanks of gas to get me there and back. Each tank will cost me about AU$75 and i would like to stop and eat.

$120 has already been committed and received but a little more would greatly help


Let me know via PM or in Teamspeak if you would like to jump on the band wagon too. otherwise any remaining fund i will pull myself. I have my Car checked in for a service, so i should be safe on the journey (needs one - Badly - after reaching 375000km on the OD).


I look forwards to meeting the crew in Coffs and Glenreigh very soon.


Cheers to everyone who has and will help


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It is amazing and I must thank EVERYONE for being so kind at heart! Thank you all for the input and Alucard for coming down to see much of us in TeamStealth, and making part of my house a temporary base for us in TeamStealth to play and converse in! :D

Attached photos, taken by Alucard himself!







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Crap, I just gave away my spare XFX Ati 5870...................oops. sorry.

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