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Help Me Out


Take a look at my gaming channel on YouTube and let me know what you think.  I'm playing Eve Online right now.  However, I have a lot of more games I'll be playing.  Even suggest a game you'd like to see.  https://www.youtube.com/user/ChasersGameplay

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Well, I'llllllllllll be!    Thanks for thinking about us and welcome back dude.


I'll go take a look at your channel and give you a holler back on it. 


[fist bump] :happy17:





Wow, you are definately an Eve Online Gamer.  Never seen so many videos from the same person in one glump at once.  Impressive, I'd say!


I will subscribe to your YouTube channel as soon as I have time to look for my password again.  I don't go in there often. 


Nice -- and good luck on getting your subscriptions! 

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Looks like this could be fun, Helping an up and coming Youtuber get there,

Question, Do you prefer MMO's or space games, cause if space is your thing then i have a list for you,

if its MMO, then unfortunately I'm no good to help cause MMO is not my thing anymore.
Anyway, "Sins of a Solar Empire : Rebellion" is a RTS that although not quite YouTube worthy (take too long ) with regards to a "lets play" style video, with a bit of editing to jump through to fleet builds and combat, you may have a winner,

Another Game that is showing on the horizon is "Star Citizen", My brother and i have already invested heavily into this game and we have not been disappointed in the pre-alpha result so far, it is shaping up to be a huge competitor to EVE



Come have a chat in Team Stealth when you can and i will happily talk games with you (as best i can)

Look forwards to seeing more mate and Good luck



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