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The Soaps



I only watch two soaps .... Bold and the Beautiful and Young and the Restless.


I always said I would never watch the soaps.  Growing up watching my mother and grandmother sit endlessly in front of the TV getting involved with the problems with others was totally uncalled for.  I used to shake my head and tell them they should back off from them. 


But hey ... just within the past few months, I got involved with the two soaps I just mentioned. 


The Bold and the Beautiful is my favorite and of all the characters, I really see myself being like Brooke.  Brooke is my favorite -- ruthless, sexy and she gets what she wants. 


For those of you that follow these two:


Today, Bill has given Wyatt his last name; not because he wanted to but because he was blackmailed into doing it by Wyatt's mother, Quinn -- devious, backstabbing, b%#!ch, slut and anything else you can think of that's sleezy.  She threatened to expose her and Bill's kinky sex acts to Brooke in exchange for his giving Wyatt his last name.  Now, she really don't know Brooke that well now does she?  Brooke is not the one to be f'd with.


Ally and Oliver still have their little thing going but Ally is sick in the head.  She still see's her dead mother and she even talks to her -- actually hear her voice.  Now we all know what that means -- INSANNNNE.  Taylor, the one who actually killed Ally's mother is now back with her dad, Thorn -- Ally hates her.  She hates her so much if she had the chance she would probably kill her and get away with it.  By the way, did I tell you Taylor is a shrink?


If you want more information about B&B just ask me and I'll tell you.  I'll even give you my predictions on what will happen, when it'll happen and who it'll happen to. 





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This needs updating:


As far as the Bold and the Beautiful, here's what you missed ladies and gents ...


Here's what you missed


Liam acts sympathetic to Wyatt’s plight - I don't know why he would though, Wyatt's been an bum especially sense the both of them are fighting over Hope.

Brooke, Eric, Katie and Thorne continue their desperate search

A walk on the beach leads to Brooke finding Ridge

Katie is overjoyed - Don't forget Katie is Brookes younger sister who was once married to Bill but Brooke was having an affair with him while they were married.  Ridge left Brooke at the alter and was gone for a year to Paris.  He came back and decided that he wanted to be with Katie.  This is how Brooke ended back with Bill and they were supposed to get married but Ridge messed that all up.  Too funny!

Eric notifies Taylor

Justin worries that the jig is up - Justin is Bill Spencer's right hand man. He's the one who was flying the plane when he tilted it and Ridge fell out into the ocean.  Too funny!

Bill and Justin endeavor to keep their tracks covered

Katie’s plans for the future are upended

Deacon shares information with Quinn that might get her out of hot water - Quinn is a wench! 

Quinn is pleased by the potential aid Deacon may bring to her plans to reunite Hope and Wyatt

Hope is surprised to see Deacon - Deacon by the way is Hope's father. 

A remorseful Deacon endeavors to fix his relationship with his daughter - This'll never happen because Hope's has always known Ridge to be her father.

Carter and Maya fight again about Aly and Oliver - To me, Maya like Oliver.  He kissed her at the elevator when Quinn locked Liam in the warehouse.

A bittersweet homecoming brings information to light

Quinn gives Wyatt good news and then makes an emotional plea

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A sneek peek at next week   :rofl:


A sneak peek at next week

Ridge reveals the source for his will to survive

Katie and Ridge discuss their future

Ridge makes a big decision as he moves forward with his life

Bill and Justin come up with a plan to hide the truth about the accident

Thorne and Oliver discuss Oliver’s relationship with the much younger Aly

Rick’s surprise in the steam room leads him to make a revelation to Caroline
A confrontation with Maya ensues

Bill’s wise words are repeated to Quinn - Oh yeah, Quinn took a selfie of herself in bed with Bill which set Ridge off in the first place.  At the time, Bill was suppose to be faithful to Brooke.  Quinn's a slut and all that other M&S stuff

Deacon accidentally finds Quinn’s latest project, raising his suspicions

Brooke hopes that Hope will turn her back on her father

Liam and Hope try to share a negativity free day together

Wyatt and Deacon bond over common ground

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As far as the Young and the Restless


Paul’s condition grows dire - Paul got shot by Austin

Leslie supports a guilt stricken Avery

Stitch understands that Dylan’s repressed feelings about Sully are coming out in his worries about Paul - Dylan is Vicki's son and his father is not Victor but the ruthless Ian ... but there's more news about this ...

Dylan is confirmed as a viable donor - He and Paul has the same blood type?  Ut Oh

Jack asks Avery what she knows about Austin in case it’s pertinent to the search for Summer Lauren counsels Christine to hold on to hope

Nikki tells an unconscious Paul that it was fate that he helped her find Dylan, and now Dylan will help save him

A sudden memory comes to the surface as Nikki walks down Memory Lane

A distracted Nikki pushes her suspicion aside

Willa brings a bombshell to the ranch: Ian is sterile -  ouuuuu so Ian isn't Dylan's father after all  :rofl:

Avery is surprised with Summer asks her to defend Austin

Todd arrives to support Paul

Neil puts a ring on Hilary’s finger

Worried that stress may lead Neil to drink, Lily decides to back off

Neil shares his happy news

Lily flips out when her nightmare comes true

After a cool down, Lily realizes there’s nothing more she can do

Billy and Chelsea con Jenna into believing they’re working on a documentary

While Billy snoops through the mail, Chelsea talks to Jenna about her dead husband

Jenna tells Chelsea that it would be better if her ex-husband were dead, too

Chelsea is stonewalled when she asks for details

Jenna learns that Stitch has been trying to call her and wonders what’s going on

Stitch considers telling Victoria the truth before Billy can

Billy realizes it’s time to tell Victoria that he’s getting close to discovering Stitch’s secret

Jack gives Victoria surprising news - I wonder what that news is?

Christine prays for a miracle


Abby and Mariah butt heads

Chelsea and Billy’s friendship grows awkward

Nick worries that Sharon is being taken for a ride by Mariah

Sharon worries about Nick’s stance on Mariah

Paul’s condition deteriorates - Paul's going to die I think ... oh well



Down the road previews

A bombshell further devastates Nikki and Victor’s relationship

Sharon recovers more and more memory fragments but the one crucial piece continues to elude her

Victor goes to extremes to learn the truth about Sharon’s secret while someone else races to beat him to it

Mariah conceals one more secret

Colin’s Machiavellian ways become a catalyst for shocking change

Jill achieves a different victory than the one she anticipated

Devon is torn between his love for Neil and his feelings for Hillary

Kelly’s messed up childhood affects her present life

The complex truth about Stitch and Kelly’s history together devastates everyone involved

Adam’s complicated situation impedes the possibility of a reunion with his grieving widow and son

Kevin begins a journey of self exploration as his computer skills help uncover big revelations

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