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What You Can Do With An Android



A few things you can do with your Android.  I just still learning how to use the one I have.  I perfer the plain ole' Cricket phone for now  :laughtingoutloud08:


Wi-Fi hot spot... you can use your android phone to go online with your laptop or tablet.  Some carriers chage extra though.


Face Unlock.  Instead of having to type your password all the time, just smile at your phone.  Set up the face unlock feature in the settings tab and then to security


Automation.  3rd party apps like Tasker and Autommagic take automation to the next level.  You can set them to turn off your ringer while you're walking on going where you work.


Screen Shot.  It's been around but hasn't been advertised.  Hold down power and volume down to capture a screen shot.


Accessing open tabs from other devices.  Googles chrome browser can alk to each other.


Widgets.  You can customize your homescreen with widgets using shortcuts.



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