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The Division

Connect to our teamspeak server and join us in a great game of The Division, you'll always find someone online to play with!

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      Membership Application

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      1. 1. Vote for me!

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      Date of Birth

        11-June 00



      Tell Us about yourself.

      i am about fourteen years old i like fps and a bit of third person shooters as well and i like playing minecraft and titanfall with my friends.   :)


      Are you or have you ever been part of another gaming Clan Or Community? If so, who, how long and any other details about that membership we should be aware of that would help in determining your membership here.

      no i havent sorry m8


      We offer our members with a wide range of help and support, We are always looking for Professionals willing to volenteer help with Server setups, Computer/IT knowledge and general PC support.


      Please list any skills you'd be willing help out with.

      i have no skills(not that i know of) but i am willing to help anyone that has any problems to the best of my ability.    :)

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      I met Thero about a week ago along with 2 others ( Aliennationz and Ltalucard) that are applying for membership here at Teamstealth.

      We met in titanfall. He is a very nice young fellow and would make a welcomed addition to our community.

      He actually lives about 5 minutes from me. He is well spoken and polite.

      He has been in ts a few times now, so if you see him say hi.

      I voted yes.



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      no because he is ok but can be anoying cos like to have a bad habbit of being a bit of a troll and enjoys messing about

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