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The New Diablo Iii Patch 2.0.1


Well.... if you play Diablo as i do, and you have not logged on in a day or two, it is time to do so. I just got finnished reading over the patch notes, and they have done everything but re-write the game, takes about 15 ~ 60 min's to update, should be intresting to see how the new update changes the game play. you can read more here " Good thing to do while waiting for ever for the patch to finish " if you are interested. trust me there is a lot of changes, big ones



Patch Notes here ----->>   http://us.battle.net/d3/en/blog/12671560/patch-201-now-live-2-25-2014##General

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Thanks for the update, Kanabanoid!


I have Diablo II and haven't played it since like ... 2003!  Didn't even think about it until mentioned in your post.


Didn't think anyone still played it.



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