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Date of Birth

  06-July 97



Tell Us about yourself.

I am a gamer who plays a variety of games ranging from massive multi-player online role playing games to first person shooters. I am a casual player who likes to have fun and make some good times. I am a team player and will work as group to accomplish what needs to be done.


Are you or have you ever been part of another gaming Clan Or Community? If so, who, how long and any other details about that membership we should be aware of that would help in determining your membership here.

I have never been in an "official" clan or community. I have been in "communities" with friends but not with people submitting to be admitted. We had just let anyone who wanted to hang out with us be apart of the community. I have been a founder and administrator in these kinds of groups.  


We offer our members with a wide range of help and support, We are always looking for Professionals willing to volenteer help with Server setups, Computer/IT knowledge and general PC support.


Please list any skills you'd be willing help out with.

I have general knowledge in PC support, Thus i would be willing to help troubleshoot any problems.

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I met him in a ARMA 2OA server he was hosting and we have played DayZ,Payday, etc together. Good choice for a member.

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Welcome to the community Dayz4lif3.  We always have room for another team player.


I look forward to surviving with you in DayZ!


~ Eddie

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