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      So... Who Wants Their Money Back ?


      In recent weeks/months, we have been reading about crap like this  ====>>  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b8BlZcko0lc   


      I beleave the response of Oops...  is just not enough. not to mention that a federal judge, had the audacity to rule that the NSA spying/data gathering, is not a violation of the 4th amendment ( Give me a break ).


      so... i beleave that within contracts " We all have to agree to" have to sign for your internet, routers and lets not forget our firewall and virus scanner programs. we agree to keep paying them and they in turn are supposed to do what they can to keep prying eyes out ( NSA or other wise ). i see a breach of contract here.


      Now, when a breach of contract accrues, and is discovered that the one that defaults on said contract, is bound by said contract to make right for in some way. I beleave that we all and i mean everyone should get their money back, lets face it, When you pay for your internet security and all that is really going on is you are paying for the promise of it, well they if not before, do know now, as do we all. time for the companies to step up or  


                                                              GIVE THE MONEY BACK !!!

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      3 answers to this question

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      So who's watching the watchers..? They're watching and monitoring everybody else but who's watching them? There are dark forces at work and I'm glad I am protected. 

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      Posted (edited)

           Well if you read the fine print of most ISP’s and AV programs EULA's they state that they will comply with all "Law Enforcement and Government Orders". In other words the AV companies white-list Police and Government Spyware, as for the NSA's program they do not listen to everyone’s phone calls as that is physically impossible, there are millions of phone calls happening per second and they do not have enough people to listen to them all.


           What they are doing is comparing phone dialing records against a list of known phone numbers that belong to terrorists; if you have not called Bin-Laden’s cell phone for example you have nothing to worry about. Now if you did call a terrorist they will get a court order to tap your phones and computers to gather intelligence.


           Most of the claims from Mr. Snowden are frankly technically and physically impossible, while he did back up some of his claims with released documents in the past, he has not shown any proof for his latest claims, it is like someone saying that the sun is shining on a sunny day then making outlandish claims later and saying that since he told you the truth the first time around that you should believe his current claims.

      Edited by =TS=Direwolf5

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