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The Division.


New from Tom Clancy,   "The Division".

It is originally developed for playstation4 and Xbox one,

but apparently there is a petition to sign for those who show 

the interest in it for release on Pc as well. They haven't ruled it out yet.


Here is the link to the petition to sign.



It is MMO with single and multiplayer modes.

Release date is 2014.

It is 3rd person shooter, action, role playing.


If you need more info on this you can check this out,



Watch this and leave your thoughts about it.

And if you would love to see this released for Pc............ Then please sign the petition.








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is there another group in the division that uses the TS tags... came up against 1 last night, name was TS_deadpool2a.. one of ours? or not? anyways we had a gunfight in darkzone lasted a while but eventually i got killed by one of his team mates.. they was going rogue for almost an hour finally was able to get my own back and waited for the manhunt to begin... kept my distance and let other agents fight them.. as soon as their health was down, i came in and took them out with my sniper rifle from afar..

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