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TeamSpeak Conduct.


Hi everyone,

Today there was an incident in teamspeak where I had to kick a guest

for being disrespectful and and basiclly acting like a child.

I won't tolirate this at all.

Bottom line is.................MUTUAL RESPECT IS TO BE SHOWN AT ALL TIMES,

no matter whether the other user's are founder's, Admin's, member's or guest's.

Please treat everyone with the same respect.


I suggest when you get the chance, please read the guidelines on this again.






1. Applicants will be expected to download and use Teamspeak and participate with us regularly, so that we may get to know you.

2. We expect you to adhere to our standards of behavior when using Teamspeak, the forums and shout box., You must consistently display good sportsmanship in game and Teamspeak.

3. At no time is a member of team stealth to verbalize, text or show otherwise any type of hostility, humiliation or instigate confrontation of any sort to another member or towards a visitor to a game server or website.

4. Be respectful of all players in game and report inappropriate behavior to server admins for resolution.

5.The use of cheats, hacks, glitches, exploits, bots or any other form of unfair game play advantage on any of our servers will result with immediate expulsion from the team and permanent banning from our servers, teamspeak and the website.

6.The expression of Racist, Religious or Sexual Remarks

is strictly prohibited and can result in a Permanent Ban.

7.All New members will be subject to a 90 day trial period, failure to abide by Team Stealth policies and guidlines will result in the suspension of their tags.

8.Any posts do not reflect on General Consensus of Team Stealth Community, and are the sole opinion of the Poster. Also please read Posting Guidelines



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