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Ghost Recon Online Impressions


I got GRFS back in July/August. My kid, Maggot Jr., stomped through the single player game immediately. I played some multi-player and it was not to my liking.


Recently I began playing Ghost Recon Online. This is free to download and you don't need to have GRFS. The game is very much like GRFS except the maps are bigger but not that many of them. Gaining weapons and levels is via a dual points process. You get crappy weapons at the beginning of whatever class you choose to play. New weapons and accessories are unlocked when you reach new levels (gaining experience points). If you are impatient then you can buy coin equivalents (PayPal) and go purchase additional gear etc. I guess this is how they plan to make money - however I haven't paid for anything.


I found the learning curve pretty steep and was getting my butt trounced as a noob Recon. Over time you learn the maps and how to play but it was rather difficult at first. It took me as a Recon at Level 16 (30 hours of multi-player match time) to finally get to a 1/1 kill-death ratio. Some of the maps are crowded and are best for close combat. So playing as a Recon with a sniper rifle is not very sensible; others that play as Assault or Specialist are better equipped for close work. Ubisoft needs to make some large maps so you can really spread out and play different roles effectively.


The game still has some server issues. I don't get disconnected very often but sometimes there can be long wait times to get into an 8 on 8 match (you can't join on your own but are "assigned" to a match).


Anyhow, as I have not seen any posts regarding GRO I though I'd provide a brief overview from my perspective to the rest of the TS community.


AJ.................................... :crazy:

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What's the link to the free online version GRFS?



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