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Browser and scrolling


These results by no means reflect on everyone's experience or PC Performance CPU Power and Browser settings also play a role in your results. This is what I found on my system with 69 running processes and 8 background applications.

Internet Explorer Is by far one of the worst Idle CPU is at 1-4% scrolling it jumps to 18-24%

Chrome Idle is 1-4% scrolling 14-28%

Oprah has identical results The high cpu usage causes the Jumping effect you see on your monitor that is your cpu trying to catch up to your mouse movement. Now if you are using a wireless mouse and your monitor is 5ms this can be a little worse but probably not very noticeable to the naked eye.

Since i don't use any of these browsers for normal web surfing I try not to concern myself with it Because 86% of the Thousands of people that visit our site use Firefox Which has sitting idle 1-2% CPU and scrolling 8-14% CPU.

Also keep in mind that your internet speed will also contribute to this, I try to do things with the site that benefit everyone And I appreciate Blinds input I need more criticism like that. I have adjusted the Page width and disabled a few other things to possibly increase your site performance and experience.

There is also one thing that i found helps and that is Disabling the site info at the top of the forum, you know, the boxes that contain recent forum posts and the user avatars Just click on the little gear at the top and turn it off. You can always turn it back on if you like.

Performance is the reason Visitors can't see that, because it slows down load speed.


The front Page is by far the worst because of the flash Image scrolled But I'm going to replace that with something a little less recourse hungry..

Anyway if you have different results I encourage you to post them

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hey hey,

sorry for making you work m8 :14:


the scrolling now is much better after you changed the width. but the cpu usage is still high while scrolling, even on this topic. but hell its not that importend i guess.

just wondering why its like that, just tryed some other sites and never went above 15%, even on one that has quite a lot of screens on it.

maybe its the background image doing it?


anyway, thx for working on it, keep it up.

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