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Creating BBC2 Forum Signatures



How To Create BBC2 Forum Signatures


It took me a while to find out where to get great looking Battlefield Bad Company 2 signature graphics and stats for a forum signature. If you would like a forum signature of your own, following these simple steps I've provided for you to follow:


1. Go To > http://www.bfbcs.com



2. Choose your platform (PC, XBox360 or PS3)



3. Type in your BBC2 id in the search box. Now, click on the Search button



4. Click on the Graphics tab and click on the graphic you want. This will give you a preview

of what it will look like. Make sure the width is 700 and height is 255. Team Stealth forums will not accept anything higher. If you don't like what you see, continue going through the images until you find what you're looking for.



5. If you like it, where it says "Choose player" add your own id by clicking on the name. A pop up box will appear. Make your changes accordingly.



6. If you like what you see, copy the BBCode.



7. Head back to Team Stealth and place it inside your signature. Use the center tags to center your forum signature to make it look better on the forum.


TIP: Don't select the signatures with the designer's personal info on it (i.e. a clan name already on it, designed by, and images on the background showing someone else's comments. Pick the ones with nothing but the stats, the battlefield image and the ID.


Click here to view the article

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