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Avatars Made From Your Favorite Movies



Ever thought about having one of your favorite movies, concerts, etc. set as an avatar and then have it placed on a canvas small enough to use as an avatar?

Why not start your request here? Just follow the below instructions:


1. Go to YouTube or one of your other spots and pick out your favorite concert, movie or mini clip.


2. Copy and save the embed code if provided.


3. Select a portion of the video you want to keep by giving a description of where it's located; where it starts and where you want it to end.


4. Let me know what size you want your avatar to be. This is dependent upon the website's avatar size guidelines. Remember, movie clips take up a lot of space so you may want to select the coolest part and make it as short as you possibly can.


5. After you post your request with the information needed, I'll take it from there.


As a result of the process involved, I'm only asking for a small donation of only $2.00 to help toward keeping our servers going as well as to enhance and continue upgrading Team Stealth Communities. Please feel free to click the Donation Button within my forum signature to start the design process.


Thank you so much in advance for your requests and donations.


Of note:


Please be advised there may be a bit of a delay. This, of course, depends upon the number of requests made.

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