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Okay... I hardly ever complain -- if at all -- but, I need to get this off my mind, respectfully.


I think Team Speak is the coolest thing going since ice cubes on a hot day! There is where we get the opportunity to share thoughts, meet others and play games in various servers while at the same time, chatting with friends and other Team Stealth members.


However, there are a few minor issues I'd like to address that really disturbs me to no end. My comments are not directed toward anyone but if the "shoe fits...wear it"


1. Members moving others from channel to channel


You may like that ... I don't. When I'm in a channel, I'm there because I want to be! If you're in another channel -- cool for you. But don't move me just on your whim assuming it's okay to just do that. Well, it's not okay! If you're in a channel and you're all alone or having a pow-wow and wish to include someone else but they're in another channel, I suggest YOU MOVE to them and then ask THEM if they wish to come down to chat with you.


If you're one who take it upon yourself to move people -- you need to stop. Don't move me, please unless I want to move, Okay? okay




2. Moving yourself to Password/Protected Channels.


Okay... I'm no one of importance actually and consider myself a team member to the fullest extent. I'll do anything for Team Stealth and you as well -- including bending over backwards to make things work so we ALL can enjoy ourselves and have fun, talk crap, laugh joke, etc. etc. etc. However, there's a time for everything -- for play, for eating .... and for WORKing! And, it's during that time when some of us are working to get things going right on the website -- need privacy... if only for a moment.


When you see a member or anyone for that matter in a channel marked PASSWORD/PROTECTED, it's exactly what it says and mean! People are working in there and need silence or maybe a meeting is going on or discussions that doesn't include YOU!

Putting yourself in a channel of this sort and then moving others into it to talk about subjects that's not even relevant (i.e. gaming issues, who said what, laughing, joking, blah blah) is annoying.


Now, if you really want to chase me out of Team Speak, keep doing it! I'd rather hang in the forums where the real information is and if you need to chat or ask something, you would have to either log in the site (which you should do anyway) and enter the chat or PM which is also a really cool feature here at Team Stealth.


So, stop putting yourself in a secure channel and then move 26 other people in there with you... that sucks!


Now, that I have that off my chest, I feel a lot better. I'm totally sorry for posting this but it appeared as though some of you just don't get the message and you continue to do this. I won't even bother to mention names because you know who you are. The only people who I feel have the authority to say anything to me about anything relative are the Founders and Administrators. Once they read this post, I'm sure one, if not all will act upon this matter. So chill out and act accordingly. If you'd rather hang out in Team Speak all the time talking rhetoric to those who don't have the time for it; instead of visiting "Our Forum" and putting your verbal energy's in there, then so be it. But. don't assume others are into that along with you.


My complaint is submitted with total respect and love. I hope this post will in no way cause any animosities or keep us from being friends. It's just that I like to do things for Team Stealth because I love it here and I think the members are cool as heck. I enjoy doing the graphics, the newsletter and keeping our forums going and sometimes it takes concentration and focus. There's always time for games.


Peace ... now how about a group hug :4:

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I see Teamspeak manners/considerations or lack of has reared its head again totally agree with you magnet and to all who are concerned if you abuse your privileges in teamspeak as in any other role you have within TeamStealth you will lose your privileges, so show some manners and think before you act,


and magnet or any other member if this continues or affects you please contact me via PM with person/persons names and i will deal with it

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