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The Division

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      Water Cooled


      Still a lot of bot points (boints) to be made with a good water cooled setup (bot points are earned on HWBOT.org). First two pics are of my first water cooled bencher (and gamer)


      The BattleStar !!


      She did low to mid high 4 to low 5ghz depending on which CPU was in her


      Last three are of my infamous "Duelling Banchetto's" rofl

      Gamer on left had tri sli gtx 285 hydro coppers and water cooled i7 965X, Bencher on right had water cooled dual gtx 295 (quad sli) and a phase chilled i7 975

      BattleStar Config.jpg

      fullyarmoredback (1).jpg




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      G'day Mate

      have a look at the spec please and tell me what you think


      Sandybridge i5 2500k running at 4.3GHz

      Cooling via an Antec Kuhler 620 with two Coolermaster Xtra-Flow fans

      ASRock z68 Extreme 4 gen 3

      16 gig 1600 ddr3

      MSI Lightning 7970, running at stock (no AM cooler)

      All wrapped up in a beautiful NZXT Phantom 820 in white




      Please excuse the mess, I have been cloning and doing DATA Recovery for a few of my customers recently and have not tidied up yet


      My Custom Phantom

      Again, a little bit messy inside, but i will be rebuilding (servicing it) this weekend
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