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      Guest =TS=MAGNET

      Photoshop add onsCAMO Photoshop StylesPhotoshop add ons



      File Name: CAMO Photoshop Styles

      File Submitter: =TS=MAGNET

      File Submitted: 06 Mar 2012

      File Updated: 06 Mar 2012

      File Category: Photoshop add ons


      File includes:


      * 26 camoflage styles depicting a military look for anything they are applied to


      * Camo's are arranged in various color sequences


      * Great for shields, icons, buttons, backgrounds




      Download the file then copy the style icon to your Photoshop styles folder.


      Click here to download this file

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      Posted (edited)

      First off tyvm for making these available to download. All i was getting at other sites was a .psd of what i could download "IF" i donated to the author. Im all for that but im broke right now (as usual). So i wanted you to know i joined this site, made an avatar, all so i could come here in the forums, find your post again & say  "THANKYOU VERY MUCH"  :32(20):




      Wyldcardz Sig-1.jpg

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      forgot image

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