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      Ineed some help to upgrade my shite pc! :D


      i have an Acer Aspire x3990


      Intel® Core™ i3-2100 CPU @ 3.10GHz CPU Speed: 3.12 GHz


      System Memory: 3.98 GB


      AMD RADEON HD 6450 Video Card Memory: 2.23 GB


      PSU 220w


      id like to upgrade and get a gtx560 or somein close. i know i will need to get a new PSU but realy have no idea on what would work. i cant realy afford too much and realy as it is as cheep as possible. ill also need a new case to fit all this in as mine is a custom fit job :(


      any help would be very much appreciated. Dan

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      This is the one I have bought for my older setup that broke down on me, here's a Pic link or you can also look at my rig, I have a 15" Blue light in there as well to make things a little brighter. Also with a clear case you have to keep up on the dusting and careful about scratches of the case.





      For the light I'd put a piece of electrical tape carefully covering 1\2 of the light facing you so you don't go blind.


      Cold Cathode Light:


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      Cheap PSU is crime. The simply explode like lightbulb. Just "bang" and no PSU, and no PC anymore. Better buy some Corsair 650-750W, or some Enermax, Seasonic etc. You can save on some case, save on appearance, but PSU is precious. However, I recommend to buy decent chassis either. Bad airflow is HW killer. Choose strong, solid not flimsy chassis, spacious and with good HDD mounting.

      In any case I suggest you to start PC upgrade with HW you will keep for future. PSU, VGA, case and cooling firstly.


      I apologize for pointless message. Just wanted to insert 2 cents.

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      i have a NZXT Lexa S



      comes with 4 fans standard, fan speed controller for 2. Really cheap too compared to other similar priced cases!

      I need a new power supply too :/ ive got a 450w powering an AMD Phenom II 970 quad core (3.5GB each core) with 4GB ram and a Zotac nVidia GeForce GTS 250 1GB. Starts jumping when i play games on full graphics settings. :(


      I would show a pic but i dont know how lol

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