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The Division

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      Name Icons


      found this on the web and thought it would be useful to others:-


      Once ingame open the console (to open console use the “~” key).

      Type the command “use_clan_tag ” and paste one of the codes listed below.

      “Enter“, close the console and you’re done.

      You can also paste the symbols inside the chat.

      Symbols are displayed the team colour for team based game play, and white colour for Deathmatch. However I found out u can force the game to display the symbols white by adding another “~” before the code. So for example: “~DE” shows normal Desert Eagle, and “~~DE” shows always a white Desert Eagle.




      ~G3 - G3-KA4

      ~AK - AK-47

      ~FN - FAL Paratrooper

      ~45 - Star -45

      ~79 - M-79




      ~03 - M1903

      ~DG - Dragunov SVD

      ~AS - AS50

      ~MK - Makarov

      ~FG - Flare Pistol




      ~IT - Homeland 37

      ~SP - SPAS-12

      ~US - USAS-12

      ~10 - MAC-10

      ~IE - IED




      ~LP - LPO-50

      ~RP - RPG-7

      ~MG - MGL-140

      ~MK - Makarov

      ~UZ - Uzi




      ~PK - PKM

      ~CG - Carl G Rocket Launcher

      ~M2 - M-249 SAW

      ~DE - Desert Eagle

      ~10 - MAC-10




      ~DA - Dart Rifle

      ~MP - Silent MP-5

      ~16 - AR-16

      ~6P - Silent Makarov 6P9

      ~IE - IED



      Other weapons:

      ~MM - Mounted M-249

      ~SS - Silenced Shotgun

      ~SO - Sawed-off shotgun

      ~CB - Crossbow

      ~19 - Mk19 Grenade Launcher

      ~67 - Grenade

      ~MO - Molotow Cocktail

      ~MA - Machete




      ~EX - Explosion

      ~FI - Fire

      ~VH - Jeep

      ~D1 - Placeholder 1

      ~D2 - Placeholder 2

      ~D3 - Placeholder 3

      ~D4 - Placeholder 4

      ~D5 - Placeholder 5

      ~D6 - Placeholder 6

      ~BA - Left Arrow (Rew)

      ~ST - Right Arrow (Play)

      ~BB - B console pad

      ~AA - A console pad

      ~XX - X console pad

      ~YY - Y console pad

      ~L3 - LS console pad

      ~R3 - RS console pad

      ~LT - LT-Symbol

      ~LS - LS-Symbol

      ~LB - LB-Symbol

      ~RB - RB-Symbol

      ~RS - RS-Symbol

      ~RT - RT-Symbol

      ~DR - Cross

      ~DV - Cross

      ~DH - Cross

      ~DL - Cross

      ~DP - Cross

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      3 answers to this question

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      Good info, I was wondering last night how to add my tags.

      Thanks Yeoman

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