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Internet speed!






Having the best speed my ISP offers and its still slower then slow :( No wonder I suck at bc2 my speed is horrible!

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What the heck? I's sorry about this lads. :( I cannot imagine this is possible in US And Europe. As far as I know, Europe has a lot lower speeds than here. But on the other hand connection quality is just rock solid. And it doesn't jump as mine. Though, I'm really shocked that this is possible. All the test below are simply exception to the rule. And please don't be jealous.


This is rare miracle and good speed. But ping should be even lesser, about 2-4ms. This is Interanl Exchange though.


Here is outside. Frankfurt. First time for 5 years I got speed that actually is equal to the declared one. First time I got speed I've paid for years.


Still connection quality itself is simply disaster. I feel like each minute I loose tons of packets. ISP refuses to fix for half year. However I usually have about 20-90% of packets loss. But today some miracle happened.


This is quality outside my country



You should concern all this lame-tests with great amount of skepticism. 'Cause it depends on many factors, such as- server performance, connection quality with that particular server, adobe flash correct work, browser correct work, cpu and network card load, etc. These tests are highly incorrect.


Anyway, I'm really glad with my ISP last 2 month. They really made speed better, but I know tomorrow or even today everything can change.


P.S.: It is utterly F***ing shame because I can't play online with this great speed and use rare chance to shoot some heads :(

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Guest =TS=Zoa

$60 dollars a month I think for me, My internet speed is probably what makes my entire online gaming experience un enjoyable. With your speed Grim I would probably win some games. I guess I cant complain its not Ozones speed which is terrible :^^? ,internet should be free for everyone with nice speeds too. Zoa for president!

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