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Found 4 results

  1. =TS=Hitman68

    SKS Stats Bf3

    From the album: Stats

  2. How does a player move up in ranks? Does one need to finish a map in order to get points? How are our stats updated? Are stats calculated by the number of hours played or the number of maps? Thanks!
  3. Hi ho Crosshair i found a failure at the GRAW USA STATS Information Page. The link button "INFO" going to the old (not connectet) domain "", the GRAW RC2 link button is already without false redirect. greets Deep
  4. =TS=WadCutter45

    Medal of Honor stats RESET

    Medal of Honor (2010) Stats - - have been "RESET" for all active players, as of March 21, 2013. I have not found an official statement or reasons as to why this was done, but I'll keep looking. Just wanted to give a heads up for anyone who plays, so as not to be surprised (as I was). It was rather disconcerting to join a game without checking my weapon load-out, and find I was using the default rifle & my skill level reset to ZERO... If you have a Personna, and never log into the game, your stats will stay as they are ... I've already gone through the "Leaderboard Top 50" and updated them, but only a few changed. In my opinion, it would be good to see this combined with a PunkBuster update, or simply remove the player names of the inactive players, in the next few weeks. - Wiping the slate clean, so to speak. Last Punkbuster update was Thursday 05.17.2012 [4:30PM] - almost a year ago - for MoH. Go to - - and chose your game in the list below, to determine its last update.