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Found 24 results

  1. Guest

    Steel_Pulse: Lotro Signature

    I have all the files saved should you need changes. This is the first draft. PM me with any changes you want on this including text.
  2. NoONE

    Future Of Lotro - Helms Deep Edition

    So I recently just read the upcoming changes to Lord of the Rings Online when they release the new expansion pack, Helms Deep. It's horrible. I'm actually considering not playing anymore or not buying the expansion pack. I'm dissapointed. Disgusted. What they plan to do is scrap the instance finder entirely and create something called Battle System. And what that does, is allow low levels to join end game content. I know what you guys are thinking. "What the Modor?!!!" Exactly my thought. When a level 10 player joins a end game 'instance' they will automatically be converted to level 95 for the battle. They are doing away with scaled tiers. Challenges. I'm just so upset. No more raiding kins. Level cap players are being treated like dirt, even though we are their major support system compared to these new low level players. We are the ones who run the raids do the challenges, and submit feedback to Turbine. What is the point of even leveling your character to 95 if a level 10 joins and is converted to 95 for the fight? There is NO point. They are babying these new players and making the game SO easy that the people who actually worked to get where they are, are just making us pull out our hair and crying in frustration. And no, i'm not being 'elitist'. I love to help people, give advice, do anything I can for other people in the game. But, I draw the line at letting low levels join end game content. The work that goes into building LIs, leveling, getting gear, it just seems like all the grinding and hard work will be useless. Not to mention that they have a lot of other tasks they need addressing. What about balancing out PVMP? How come a Rank 3 Lore-Master can kill two Rank 8 Wargs? What is going to be done with the rank farmers to get to rank 15 in a week? Or the Freeps who sit at GV or Grams and camp? How about Draigoch, which has been bugged for two years. Or the rubber banding on the war steed. Lets not forget when Rohan came out they 'accidentally' deleted everyone's friends list and had pulled together a quick fix that still doesn't even work or update properly. And that was almost a year ago. I love Lord of the Rings. I love the lore, the lands, everything about it, I adore it. But the game is crumbling. It breaks my heart to see it go down hill. On the LOTRO forums I had posted my feedback on their new 'system' and other level cap players agree with me. But these low levels are of course all for these new changes. They WANT it to be easy. I agree that with a new expansion they need to cater to all types of players, promote their game to gain new players but they could of done so without throwing us veteran players into the trash. They no longer care about the players. And if they don't care about the players, their game will just go down down down. What will Turbine do when all the level cap players stop playing? Some sort of strike would be nice. Get them to notice what the players want. Here is the link to the post on the Lotro Forums. Read it and don't tell me you feel at least a little upset. :32 (26):
  3. NoONE

    Lotro Pvmp

    Hey fellow Middle Earthlings! Those of you who play Lord of the Rings Online probably know a bit or maybe a lot about player vs monster player. I was wondering if anyone goes to the Ettenmoors often or have any creeps out there that want to group or help kill freeps and rank up! I recently just hit rank 9 on my Warg (Roly) and am always looking to group out there. If you have never done pvmp before, give it a chance. It can be frustrating at times, and make you rage a little when you get killed a lot but when you roll the other side, it's so much fun ;)
  4. NoONE

    LOTRO Players Council

    Turbine has announced that they will be accepting some applications for you (yes you!) to be a part of their team! You won't be building Helms Deep or become a Game Moderator, but you will be able to give Lotro feedback straight to the designers and programmers about issues, bugs, or new ideas. In addition people within the small players council will get invitations to fly and meet with the designers face to face (paid by them) and brain storm and discuss everything about Lotro! Of course there is some lengthy info to read and certain qualifications you must meet to be eligible. If you don't feel comfortable with applying, you can recommend a friend who you believe is a great choice! The link below will give you all the info you need to apply and what is expected of you on the Players Council. Apply before April 19th, 2013 :32 (20):
  5. Guest

    LOTRO Servers will be down!

    The LOTRO server is going to be down from 7:00AM - 10:00AM Eastern (-5 GMT) Monday, February, 11, 2013 for a hotfix. Apparently, the hotifx is just a part of a few performance issues they are having. It's only 3 hours of wait time but until then, maybe you guys will consider strolling in to one of our Left 4 Dead 2 servers to kill a few zombies while you wait. [wink]
  6. Guest

    Ettenmoors Revamp

    Feel free to add more news about LOTRO! The Ettenmoors is a unique place within the world of LOTRO; a corner of Middle-earth that allows players the ability to take up the banner of Sauron and openly battle against the forces of good. Over the course of LOTRO’s lifetime, the Ettenmoors has been updated several times. READ MORE ABOUT IT HERE
  7. If you like this, it's yours! If you have any problems attaching it to your profile let me know. Once you've added it, I'll remove the image from this post!
  8. NoONE

    Top 5 Reasons to play Lotro!

    I've noticed that Lotro gets little love here in the forums, and as a very active Elf in Middle Earth, I decided to try and change this and compile a list of some of the reason why others should try out Lotro and begin the journey in the fight against Sauron. 1 - By now, everyone is aware of the massive fan-base Lord of the Rings has. From the fantastic books by Tolkien, to the amazing movies by Peter Jackson, who wouldn't want to jump into this beautiful fantasy world? Have you ever wanted to party in Hobbiton? Or maybe, you want to walk in the gardens of Lothlorien? Either way, this game has it all. With the Epic Storyline following the books, you will be able to help Frodo, Aragorn and Gandalf with their journey in Middle Earth. The amount of effort Turbine has put into the graphics and design of the game as well as translating book to game is pretty spot on. As a huge fan of Tolkien and the movies myself, I just had to make this the number one reason. The amount of detail is unlike you've ever seen before. 2 - There are 9 total different classes you can create, as well as all four races. You can be a hobbit tank, or maybe a dwarf healer, or a melee elf. Either way, there is a lot to learn about each class and each one has it’s own unique qualities and abilities that make all of them important. Each of the classes were also inspired by the characters in the Lord of the Rings. A hunter is created after the swift Legolas. A stealthy burglar was an inspired by the sneaky Bilbo Baggins. And who would've thought a guardian would be after Mr. Samwise Gamgee? 3 - Third on the list is the Legendary Weapons. Each class has two sets of weapons or class items that are 100% customizable to whatever you want them to be that makes you different from everyone else. As a hunter, I use a bow and a sword, but a another hunter may want to use a spear, a club, axe, and stack different stats on their weapon than I do. You can name them anything you want (that is appropriate) and there are three different types. Third ages, Second Ages and First Ages. First age weapons are a gold color, and the top type of weapon you want to have, but it’s difficult to acquire. Usually they drop from end game raids! 4 - Crafting is something that I also enjoy very much as well. There are many different vocations you can choose from and whichever you choose, you will have one main craft with an included two other crafts you can do. Along the way, you will find ore to make weapons, or some hides to make armour, so finding the materials shouldn't be too hard. Without crafting in the game, it would be very difficult to find food to buff yourself, or potions to use when you get dangerously low on health. With the new Lotro update, you also gain experience points. If you craft enough, you could level yourself! 5 - Last on the list is the end game content. So far the developers have done a fantastic job on end game raids. Previously at level cap 75, you were able to do 5 different wings in the Tower of Orthanc, and at the end, you find and battle against Saurman. Now, if you remember him from the books and movies, you will know that he is not a wizard you want to mess with. With the Riders of Rohan expansion, three new raids will be coming into the game in February of 2013. Flight to the Lonely Mountain, the Battle of Erebor, and the Fires of Smaug are all going to be a 12 man instance. Obviously, these are not related to Rohan at all, but with all the media about the Hobbit movie, they wanted to revisit some of the old places in Bilbos adventures. This is all very exciting to some of the level cap players. As for me, I love a challenge and learning something brand new where there is no guides on the internet to look from. ;) There are still many great things to do in the game, but I couldn't list them all. Maybe I’ll do a part 2 sometime. Though I will say, the social factor in the game is great. You probably see the TS Lotro Channel filled with players, and half the time we just talk and have fun, and that itself is probably the greatest thing about the game. Finding people you thought you’d never meet, and becoming great friends and being able to play well together. :D
  9. NoONE

    Moors Glitch

    From the album: Authiel's Lotro Gallery

  10. NoONE

    Night Sky

    From the album: Authiel's Lotro Gallery

  11. NoONE


    From the album: Authiel's Lotro Gallery

  12. NoONE

    Peaceful Glade

    From the album: Authiel's Lotro Gallery

  13. NoONE

    Rohan Army

    From the album: Authiel's Lotro Gallery

  14. NoONE

    Rohan Sunrise

    From the album: Authiel's Lotro Gallery

  15. NoONE

    Ring Wraiths Lair

    From the album: Authiel's Lotro Gallery

  16. NoONE


    From the album: Authiel's Lotro Gallery

  17. =TS=Hitman68

    Pixel girl LOTRO

    From the album: LOTRO Wallpapers

  18. =TS=Hitman68

    LOTRO 3

    From the album: LOTRO Wallpapers

  19. =TS=Hitman68

    LOTRO 2

    From the album: LOTRO Wallpapers

  20. =TS=Hitman68

    LOTRO 1

    From the album: LOTRO Wallpapers

  21. =TS=jojo

    Tanks fellowship

    From the album: jojo's album

  22. =TS=jojo

    LOTRO Cosplay Frodo I am your father XD