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Found 34 results

  1. File Name: CAMO Photoshop Styles File Submitter: =TS=MAGNET File Submitted: 06 Mar 2012 File Updated: 06 Mar 2012 File Category: Photoshop add ons File includes: * 26 camoflage styles depicting a military look for anything they are applied to * Camo's are arranged in various color sequences * Great for shields, icons, buttons, backgrounds Download the file then copy the style icon to your Photoshop styles folder. Click here to download this file
  2. TEAM STEALTH GAME TOURNAMENT: No.1 August 1, 2014 - August 15, 2014 Weapons Assembly & Disassembly: AK-47 1. You must be a Team Stealth Member to participate. If you are not a Team Stealth Member submit a Membership Application and be accepted into the community. 2. Install World of Guns: Gun Assembly at Steam - Free to Download 3. Submit your lowest combined score together with the screen shot showing the following information: a. Date and time of Disassembly; and, b. Date and time of Reassembly; c. Submit using your own ID and other pertinent information to prove what you're submitting is yours. 4. Only one entry is permitted. Once you have posted your results, you can not edit your thread. 5. Don't forget to add your screenshot. If any of the rules mentioned herein are not followed to the letter, you will be disqualified without question or reason. 6. If there are tied scores, a tie breaker will be in order. The tie breaker will be a weapon chosen from the gaming list and those individuals will be given a certain time to complete the task. 7. Do not use any cheats, hacks or any other device to gain advantage. Be honest ... use your own intuition. If I've missed anything or if you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask. Winnings 1st Place winner will receive a Steam game key of value; A Gun Assembly winner icon above your avatar or signature A chance to meet Paul McCartney (just jokin)
  3. It appears as though Blackwood has made his way to Nevada. Of course with this, new weapondry has been added to the vendor list. Some weapons will be discontinued while others will be added to help us along with out fight against Blackwood infiltration to the US. Since the fighting will be in the desert, Warface will be releasing a few desert camo weapons. I have found that when these updates occur, there's a lag when you use any of the new weapons in either of the classes; especially when in the Medic class. There's a hesitation in pump action which could cause the death of you. LoL At any rate, I'm having fun playing this game and I'm sure you will too once you get into the action.
  4. Guest

    Heavy Metal Gaming Logo/beer Mug

    Messing around with Photoshop's Warp Tool and ended up with this. I used a metal background texture then added a bit of blending into it. I duplicated the shapes and then changed the blending on the bottom layer. This is the end result. I thought adding the beer mug would be cute but other than that, send me a PM if you would like the .psd file for this. That outer glow can be removed. I kept it there in order to see the outline of the design. Comments are welcomed. Thanks!
  5. Guest

    Half Life 2

    I've started this post for the sake of those who play Half Life 2. I'm downloading it and will post my game videos (now that I have a screen recorder installed). However, for now I am adding a YouTube walk through link as a reference. This one has everything in one viewing. If anyone from Team Stealth has a walk through, please post it for us. Until then, I'll be using this one.
  6. Guest

    Unreal Tournament 3 Music Mix

    Here's a collection of music mixes from the ever so popular game Unreal Tournament 3. The basslines are awesome and will definately give you the real meaning of "Let The Carnage Begin". ut3
  7. I'm just sending out a birthday shout to Lionheart and Zan. Now, I've met Lionheart. He was around when I first became a member which was --- let's see -- 2011 or so. He visited Team Speak a lot which was where I really got the opportunity to talk to him. I have no clue who Zan is. At any rate, happy birthday to the both of you guys and party hardy.
  8. Guest

    3/25 Game Renders

    Updating this thread as I go
  9. Guest

    Hitman Signature(S)

    Just add the text - right click and save it to your computer
  10. Guest

    Heroes And Other Images

    Images for avatars and forum signatures and whatever else you can think of. Resize the image for a great avatar by cropping. If you want to do it yourself and need help cropping the image so it won't look stretched out just give a holler.
  11. Used GIMP2 -- overlays and a cropped battlefield bad company 2 image on the layer underneath Recrop it and use it under your forum ID or as a rank image maybe.
  12. Used GIMP2 -- c4d's, brushes, colorization, hues, smoke brushes all downloaded from our download section. Just add text and you're set to go.
  13. Using GIMP2 and loads of layers and brushes. Just add your text in a still or animated.
  14. Guest

    PC Gamer #1



    This is the .pdf file. A section about Battlefield 4 and the differences with Battlefield 3
  15. Guest

    E-Bookspc Gamer #1E-Books

    File Name: PC Gamer #1 File Submitter: =TS=MAGNET File Submitted: 24 Feb 2014 File Category: E-Books This is the .pdf file. A section about Battlefield 4 and the differences with Battlefield 3 Click here to download this file
  16. Guest

    Cod4 Images

    For the Call of Duty Fan Clubs on the internet.
  17. Here's a little something for you guys to get busy on. You've got 18 hours -- the member with the funniest gaming joke will get a FREE Far Cry 3 game . And yes ... it's on sale and for the price they're offering, I'm willing to purchase this for the member with the funniest gaming joke. If the joke sucks, you get boo'ed and if it's the one that'll have us holding our stomach's laughing then it's a rap. You got less than 18 hours then after that its a NO GO because it won't be on sale anymore!! MAKE US LAUGH!!!
  18. Guest

    Ghost Recon Signatures

    I'll be posting all ghost recon signatures here download psd
  19. =TS=Kanabanoid

    Evga 99 Cents Promotion!

    What is better than the brand new EVGA Hadron mini ITX complete DIY kit for just 99 cents? Read more here now L@@K ----->>
  20. Guest

    New Call Of Duty Icon/button Set

    A new set of Call of Duty Button/Image icons are in the midst! If you're a website administrator with a love for the call of duty series, you would probably want to download these buttons. Below is a sample! Look for this set of buttons at the DFG Marketplace.
  21. File Name: Tech -3 Forum Ranks (Gaming) File Submitter: =TS=MAGNET File Submitted: 20 Apr 2013 File Category: Web Kits A set of Tech-3 ranks resizable, color changeable and modificable with titles. Set comes with a blank image For additional rank titles or color changes, contact the designer -- MAGNET! Hope someone will like these customed ranks! Click here to download this file
  22. Guest

    Tech -3 Forum Ranks (Gaming)



    A set of Tech-3 ranks resizable, color changeable and modificable with titles. Set comes with a blank image For additional rank titles or color changes, contact the designer -- MAGNET! Hope someone will like these customed ranks!
  23. File Name: Ts_Avatar Set File Submitter: =TS=MAGNET File Submitted: 02 Dec 2012 File Category: Renders, Sigs, Avatars A compilation of 23 gaming characters set inside a border with the approximate width and height of 120x120 or less. Enjoy the download! Click here to download this file
  24. I really enjoyed playing with you guys yesterday. I enjoyed it totally. There wasn't much I could do to help but at least I was there representing or community [clearing throat and hinting]. Here's my analysis and I'm shooting straight from the hips ... 1. Prior to the actual game, we played a round with them on their server. They followed the rules and we were awesome and did prevail for a time. I enjoy playing with them on that particular note. However... 2. Once we started playing the actual game, they didn't follow the rules that were set. For some reason, we were unable to kill them even at close range with several shots but then... with one shot from them we were down. They got me good during my spawning and or shot inside my home base. 3. Now, I don't play all that good but, I found a spot close to the action waiting for the enemy. One showed up and he was so close to me, I could touch him. He had his back to me ... I shot him right square in the back of the head --BANG-BANG twice (a once in a lifetime opportunity for me lmao) and he didn't go down. [duuuuhh] I grabbed for my knife and he turns around as if I never shot him and BANG there I was, deader than a doornail! Okay, okay... cool! Your analysis on that is ....? After the game was over one of the players laughed at us which was totally rude and out of order. At any rate, I prefer playing with Team Stealth members. From what I can see, we don't cheat and we follow the rules. I like that and in the future, count me out of any competitions with other communities. I'd prefer to do graphics instead and just wait for you guys to tell me what happened. Hahahaha Peace! Team Stealth Rocks!!!!!
  25. =TS=Hitman68

    Razor (Megalodon) gaming headset.

    This is a 7.1 surround sound gaming headset. FEATURES 1. Amplifying and noise-filtering microphone. 2. Has 7.1 virtual surround sound. 3. Has it's own independent (Maelstrom) Audio Engine, which can be toggled on and off. 4. Comes with a desk top control unit that allows you to independently control the center, front, side, rear and bass levels. Aswell as Mic Mute, Mic Level, and Mic Sens to filter out background noise. 5. Usb true plug and play. I have tried this headset for about 2-3 months now and have to say........ Awsome! Sounds great with a nice deep bass to them. The microphone can swing 180 degree's as well. They are extremely comfortable and light weight to wear. They are well padded and I found don't hurt my ears, even after 4-5 hours of gaming. Comes with its own stylish hard case for easy storage. For the price I paid ($190 AUD), I think was money well spent. You can probably find them a bit cheaper now if you shop around, but for those who are serious about thier gaming and want to experience every sound in detail, I recommend this gaming headset.