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Found 10 results

  1. File Name: Battlefield Join Now Banners File Submitter: =TS=MAGNET File Submitted: 13 Apr 2013 File Category: TS Graphics Department This file contains three (3) battlefield 3 banners for membership purposes. Set the banners in a block on either side of your front page. No coding necessary and it's simple to install. Click here to download this file
  2. Free signatures and all you need is your text or you can make whatever adjustments you like
  3. Here's another banner with the smoke effect added it. Everything is set on a grunge background with a steel frame border. Kudo's to Cross for sharing his borders with me The actual animation isn't showing for some reason, hmmmmmmmmmm
  4. Okay then ... here's another attempt but this time, we have flames and a few other animations going on:
  5. Trying for something different this time:
  6. Hello again, friends ... members ... visitors ... business associates and the =TS= team members! Here lies the thread for Team Stealth's marketing and advertising banners, posters and other images that you can add to your website, blog or facebook. Help yourself to any of these images. All you need to do is add a link back to our website. Eventually, different colors, sizes and animations will be added to go along with your page backgrounds, etc. Feel free to make comments, suggestions or perhaps you would like for our design section to make a customed Team Stealth advert.
  7. Here are a few animated Battlefield 3 banners for testing. Some will be at no cost while others will have a small donation fee attached of not more than $2.00, which is a steal. Always check here in the testing area first before going to the marketplace for new graphics.
  8. The animation took me a while to do -- that's why it took so long. If you view this post, please take 2 seconds to post a comment. I would like to have some sort of feedback from the community.
  9. A banner created using After Effects. Feel free to use this test version banner
  10. I may not like World of Warcraft but if YOU do, here's a little something for ya! Cool banners ... Need text put them?