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Found 5 results

  1. =TS=Hitman68

    Battlefield "hardline".

    Well EA are doing it again. Battlefield: Hardline has been officially announced by EA and Visceral Games, ( According to this ). Due to be released later this year on PC, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3 and PS4. This new game has gone from the actual battlefield and straight to our door step, with cops, robbers and drug dealers. From what I've seen it looks ok but it still has that Battlefield feel to it still. It boasts new gadgets and game modes, which I think are new names for the same old game modes. In single player you can strategize on how the story goes. This will depend on the decisions you make. Will this be a flop or not? You decide.
  2. =TS=WadCutter45

    Medal of Honor stats RESET

    Medal of Honor (2010) Stats - - have been "RESET" for all active players, as of March 21, 2013. I have not found an official statement or reasons as to why this was done, but I'll keep looking. Just wanted to give a heads up for anyone who plays, so as not to be surprised (as I was). It was rather disconcerting to join a game without checking my weapon load-out, and find I was using the default rifle & my skill level reset to ZERO... If you have a Personna, and never log into the game, your stats will stay as they are ... I've already gone through the "Leaderboard Top 50" and updated them, but only a few changed. In my opinion, it would be good to see this combined with a PunkBuster update, or simply remove the player names of the inactive players, in the next few weeks. - Wiping the slate clean, so to speak. Last Punkbuster update was Thursday 05.17.2012 [4:30PM] - almost a year ago - for MoH. Go to - - and chose your game in the list below, to determine its last update.
  3. Guest

    sick and tired

    I paid 60 dollars for this game which included Kirkland and in the beginning everyone could play together But i got the limited edition and allot of people only got the regular edition so they couldn't play the Kirkland maps so we had to keep our servers running normal could not run the extra maps because everyone would then not be able to play...and then all these expansion packs started coming out the people that could afford them bought them and us poor people had to sit on the sidelines.. Than Premium was released which was another 50 dollars and even more maps and special content / weapons further tipping the balance now from what i understand another DLC content map pack is out... so many servers running content that i and many others can't play .. if i would have bought everything released for this game so that i could play and compete with everyone else I'd be in well over 100 dollars, For a single game. Is EA out of there minds, they're splitting up friends, clans and gaming communities because of this If we were to have our own server how would it be managed? so many of us don't even have the Kirkland let alone any of the newer content Vanilla servers don't get populated because no one wants to play the old maps and if i wanna play i need all of this content which will never happen because I'm not going to spend all that Well time to regain about 20 gigs of disc space and uninstall my basic version of the game.
  4. Guest


    ¿Yo pensaba abrir a un servidor Badcompany2 en España, Tan usted los tipos pueden jugar sin necesidad a mucho retraso, Qué piensa usted?
  5. =TS=Hitman68

    Way to go EA/DICE!

    Well, After installing the latest so called patch for BF3, I have found that the weapons are not as powerful now. It seems to take longer sometimes to get resupply from a ammo pack as well. And if you have set a claymore and you die, that claymore doesn't stay any more. You will have to reset it. These are just some of the things that EA have apparently fixed that weren't broken in the first place. Other changes include the look of the mini-map, layout of the team-squad joining panel and a fix to prevent MAV riding to roof tops now. I guess the only thing I found that still works well is the BAD LUCK deaths. You know the type you die from when you trip over your own lip and die for no apparent reason. Well, Good job EA on F*@#king up things that weren't broken in the first place. I mean, what is your opinion? Should EA have the right to just change things like this in the game at will? When these things were working fine (in my case anyway), in the first place. We payed good money for this product and they just come in and change it where they see fit. Is this right? What do you think?