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  1. And what is with members from other countries?
  2. I am the same opinion as Yeoman
  3. I pray for your daughter. Hope she can leave the hospital without permanent damage in some time. God bless you and your Family! Best Wishes and nevertheless A Merry Christmas + Happy New Year.
  4. OMG!! awesome :D
  5. which game do u mean BF 3 or BC 2 ?
  6. Da sieht man es mal wieder: EA denkt sie können sich alles erlauben. Sie wollen immer mehr Kontrolle über alles und jeden. EA ist und bleibt eben mehr als fragwürdig :!: Meiner Meinung nach verdient dieser Dr***sverein viel zu viel :!:
  7. only available through origin? damn
  8. I found a new patch , >> but it doesn't work with the steam version. So I have to reinstall it?! WTF !!!!!! Hopefully that works.
  9. Help!!! I can't play BC 2 anymore. Everytime I would like to start the game, it shows me the message "The game is not available at the moment." (since one week) (its from Steam) What's wrong ? Please help!! :cry:
  10. coooooooooooooooooooooooool!!! by the way: Yes Cross, you are a noob!!
  11. OMFG!! I played some rounds with him together. He was a good and fair human. I will miss him! God bless Jim! Rest in Peace. :cry: