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  1. =TS=imTeeBone

    Realtek SUCKS.

    Is there an option in-game to select what GRAW uses to render audio? And yeah, screw realtek... I went through a bazillion driver versions before I found one that worked for my hardware configuration.
  2. =TS=imTeeBone

    Lobby AFKers in GRAW USA Server

    Will do, Crosshair!
  3. =TS=imTeeBone

    Lobby AFKers in GRAW USA Server

    Fellas and Ladies, I've noticed that on many an occasion, a single AFK player in the GRAW server lobby can put a halt to all games.
  4. =TS=imTeeBone


  5. =TS=imTeeBone

    Playing Again

    Watch out for the SA clan.
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