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  1. =TS=Workmans_Comp

    Founders Blog

    Praying for a full recovery cross! Keep the faith brother.. its in gods hands.
  2. =TS=Workmans_Comp

    Internet speed!

    I feel bad for you as well Zoa!
  3. =TS=Workmans_Comp

    ""assist"" another word for stat padding

    HAHAHAHA! I'm ready to give up the tags.. Let do it!
  4. =TS=Workmans_Comp

    ""assist"" another word for stat padding

    Geez... Remind me to turn off my hacks when I play with Zoa!!! HAHAHA! ;0)
  5. =TS=Workmans_Comp

    Clan Manager!

    Looks cool to me! I will take one.. :)
  6. =TS=Workmans_Comp

    New Processor!

    I'm gona have to side with AMD here guys. Yes, Intel will always be faster (and more expensive) but I will always stay with AMD. I think its just in your blood! ;)
  7. =TS=Workmans_Comp

    Bad Company 2 Division

    Nope it doesn't... COME ON PEOPLE! LETS DO IT!
  8. =TS=Workmans_Comp

    Bad Company 2 Division

    Sweet! Great idea. I'm in... most week nights are good for me after 9:00 est. WC
  9. =TS=Workmans_Comp

    Sim Racing???

    I am thinking about getting back into the racing seat here and there.... Does anyone have Rfactor? It would be cool if we could get a few of us together and start a ts group. If anyone is interested...... let me know. WC
  10. =TS=Workmans_Comp

    Hello All

    All right!!! Some new tags for my wall! :) Welcome to the team and I hope to see you around.