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  1. Hello Eddie nothing is to late i like it when information coming at any time, so all other can read more opinions and collect experience. i tested this booster on a little machine but not with much time and i cant say anything about of it. hope i do a longer test in near future. greets from germany Deep
  2. i would not use this program now, because many infos are more advertising and i search for opinions for that. and here are more hardcore gamers as other wise, more friendly and much more informative :32 (16):
  3. does anybody have try it and can give any self infos about this portal-gaming-programm. greets Deep
  4. So... i have it shot off, because i have problems with high performance Multiplayer Engines (Unreal Tornament / and random by quake engines) i have not normal kick offs from game, after turn off all is alright. i must remember any time of latency to turn on on other games, must see next times. greets Deep
  5. no problemo Mystyk can find this page in stats by the INFO Link greets Deep
  6. @Mystyk: did you mean this ?
  7. nice feature of microsoft, i tested this over many days and stop it because this tool slow down my pc in all functions. e.g. i use many shortcut keys (like WIN & E / WIN & R / etc) and by activate the Speech, the keys slowing down and the programs behind the keys open after seconds not as normal with direct popup. have anyone similar diagnosed that ? greets Deep
  8. Same subjective mind by me. The Ping count do not go down so far (on Graw Servers only 10 till 20 pings), but i mean that i faster in shooting, it see that the tangos more effective in death. i must testing on other games for more informations and maybe better network. i think to sniffer the network coms, for seeing which portranges the LatencyFix growing up and little reading the python scripts to understand what they do. The warning about computer inside home-network maybe for the TCP package over router, because the L-Fix reduce the control packages and i think router have then problems to organize all RX/TX packages. (When i have reading and understanding the L-Fix documentation) greets Deep
  9. Info page with Download Link from autor Autor software page for LatencyFix for all test-freaks. was nice here for response after testing, that other players have TeamStealth Community information from this. (trusted information) greets Deep
  10. Hi hooo GRAW Admins, is see that the MOTD of the GRAW Server are different, the info about the TS3 greets Deep
  11. Hi ho Crosshair i found a failure at the GRAW USA STATS Information Page. The link button "INFO" going to the old (not connectet) domain "", the GRAW RC2 link button is already without false redirect. greets Deep
  12. @crosshair: i dont know if you do anything, but the test now positiv @Magnet... how its by you ? greets Deep
  13. so, i found anything too coming on TS-Side = mainsite is Portal, when i write a search-word "render_settings.xml" the result comes negative but in the left navigation is the result set to "home", when i click there on "forum" the result brings up correct answers. i use: Win XP SP3 FireFox 17.0 - normal Javascript is enable (NoScript Addon is for here not blocking anything) - Adblock is activ not testet over Linux-OS greets Deep Edit: 6:16pm (CET) now test with ubuntu 11.10 ; FireFox-Aurora 18.0 search have normal functions very mystic this
  14. ok testing unique word: blah! (topic title) = search found positiv unique word: another stupid = search negativ unique word: another = search negativ i remember that i search last week (around 12.10.2012) for render_settings.xml and i have positiv answer. now same words and the search is negativ. same testing with the complete search area (white magnifier on blue underground) same result what i write here. greets from germany Deep Edit: Testing with IPboard Theme, the search going normal
  15. ten thousand one hundred and one point one