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    4x4,PC gaming, the Mrs, my 2 Dogs, I'm interested in...

    I was abducted by aliens and they whisked me away in their spaceship for 8 days. I noticed I'm more hornier now and my feet are bigger. Chasing my naked girlfriend, food fights, and jello wrestling (cherry flavor only)
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    Antec 300 Famous PC Give away WIN!!
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    AMD Athlon 64 X2 6000+ 3.01Ghz
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    EVGA GeForce GTX 260 896 MB
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    Corsair XMS2 -DDR-2 8GB RAM
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    All COUGAR Fans 4-120mm 1-140mm 1-80mm CPU-80mm

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  1. From the album =TS=Killeraftershock

  2. Way to go Zoa game on
  3. From the album =TS=Killeraftershock

    That's one spoiled dog.
  4. welcome aboard, hope to see you in Battefield 3 . Yahooie!
  5. I vote yes!
  6. I vote yea! New Yorker, well us Yankes gotta stick together! Good to have you on board. Hope to shoot with you sometimes soon! Yahooie!
  7. Way to go donut
  8. She's A dog lover . yahoo
  9. From the album =TS=Killeraftershock

    Play time
  10. From the album =TS=Killeraftershock

    Fun times
  11. Thats pretty neat
  12. Nice,alot of room
  13. Lets go all, make it big!!!!
  14. good work sweet sweet PC you got it going on!!
  15. That would be cool good work as all ways.