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    4x4,PC gaming, the Mrs, my 2 Dogs, I'm interested in...

    I was abducted by aliens and they whisked me away in their spaceship for 8 days. I noticed I'm more hornier now and my feet are bigger. Chasing my naked girlfriend, food fights, and jello wrestling (cherry flavor only)
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    Antec 300 Famous PC Give away WIN!!
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    AMD Athlon 64 X2 6000+ 3.01Ghz
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    EVGA GeForce GTX 260 896 MB
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    Corsair XMS2 -DDR-2 8GB RAM
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    All COUGAR Fans 4-120mm 1-140mm 1-80mm CPU-80mm

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  2. =TS=killeraftershock

    jogogi, Thank you for becoming a member

    welcome aboard, hope to see you in Battefield 3 . Yahooie!
  3. =TS=killeraftershock

    carny07's member application

    I vote yes!
  4. =TS=killeraftershock

    gh7st member application

    I vote yea! New Yorker, well us Yankes gotta stick together! Good to have you on board. Hope to shoot with you sometimes soon! Yahooie!
  5. =TS=killeraftershock

    My New Team Stealth Computer

    Way to go donut
  6. =TS=killeraftershock

    New Member :)

    She's A dog lover . yahoo
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    Thats pretty neat
  8. =TS=killeraftershock

    Crosshair2 Machine

    Nice,alot of room
  9. =TS=killeraftershock

    Team Stealth Lottery!

    Lets go all, make it big!!!!
  10. =TS=killeraftershock

    MaadDaawg on ebay too :P

    good work sweet sweet PC you got it going on!!
  11. =TS=killeraftershock

    ::Doing a speed check

    That would be cool good work as all ways.
  12. =TS=killeraftershock

    Clan Manager!

    Is it me . the link dont work for me zoa
  13. =TS=killeraftershock


    I hope the fans helped out
  14. =TS=killeraftershock


    I like the red lights cool