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    League Of legends is my game xD I like playing with friends and talking on Teamspeak and skype :)

    I am also Studying Sound Production at university so I guess that makes me a Sound Guy :P

    I am also currently in the process of making a 2D RPG styled game... this is just a hobby and one day I may complete it... we'll see
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    Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-3750K CPU @ 3.40GHz
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    ASUS P8 Z77-M Pro
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    AMD Raedon R9 200 Series
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    16.0 GB

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  1. =TS=Noracto

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    15-August 94 Hi i am Daniel I am a little bit crazy I play a lot of lol with Foley in the league group that we lead I am better at CSGO than Foley And I'm pretty chill with socialising and talking to people... may come across as shy until i get to know people and i just love to game :P Yes I was apart of a group called AUSEZ The whole purpose of the group was playing games such as World of tanks, Battleships and Warplanes I was a server admin of this group before deciding that the games were taking up all my money and then retiring. I was apart of this group for 2 years. I will have a bachelors of Sound Production by the end of the year I also built my own computer from scratch I'm not the best at over the phone tech support but I can use google like a boss xD View full application
  2. Welcome to the forums Noracto :)