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    20-August 90 Hello, My name is Larry and I'm looking to join the Team Stealth community. I met a couple members through War frame and also play games like mine craft and League of Legends. I'm a pretty easy going guy really, nothing too interesting to say. I like art and drawing comics and I'm looking for a good group of friends to just pal around with some good games. I mean feel free to ask me anything else if you're interested. I've been parts of guilds in World of Warcraft and Guildwars. Me and Consumed ran a guild community for a while back in WoW. We like fostering new lasting friendships and having a community of like minded gamers. I work in design and branding so web design and promotional artwork I can help with if the clan is looking for any kind of artistic stuff. I also like to dabble in webcomics which I'm sure could lead to fun situations View full application