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    The guys that originally made Descent (1/2/3) + Freespace are back, and trying to launch a new 6dof game called Overload. It is supposed to be launching next spring, but they have a kickstarter going right now to try to make it better (more levels, better visuals, multiplayer, etc...), so if you remember playing those old games, and want some more, jump on in to make it the best it can be. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/revivalprod/overload-the-ultimate-six-degree-of-freedom-shoote They also have a teaser version up on Steam if you want to see what they have done so far. http://store.steampowered.com/app/450220/
  2. =TS=meisanerd2

    Any Thoughts On Windows 10

    I've been running it since the day it came out on my Surface 2 Pro, and thus far the only issues I have encountered aren't that big of a deal if you are running it on a gaming PC. Thus far, the only things that have bugged me are: The keyboard cover I am using kept it from sleeping, so the battery would die super-quick. Fixed this with a setting in the device manager. The wifi adapter drivers randomly will not re-load after waking the computer up from sleep. Haven't yet been able to determine a fix for it, but since Win10 boots really fast, it is a minor annoyance. Certain changes to the tiles in the Start Menu only seem to apply on a reboot. I can re-arrange the tiles, but adding or removing them doesn't seem to take until after I restart Windows. I don't have any opinions on it regarding the desktop yet, as I am planning on doing a clean install as the Desktop is getting to the point where I want to do that, and I just haven't had the time yet. Thus far, though, I haven't seen any reasons to not go from 7 to 10 on it.
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    Help With Trojans

    Feel like doing an OS reinstall? That is the solution that I have had to do for multiple computers, especially if you cannot track down the source of the infection, as there is usually a rootkit buried deep inside some system file. Not sure what all Anti-malware tools you have tried, but the best of the bunch for me has been Malware Bytes, and the Kaspersky Trojan scanner/removal tools (usually TDSSKiller, but a few of the others have been useful in specific instances).
  4. =TS=meisanerd2

    Amd Vs Nvidia

    I am running the latest Geforce Experience as well, and have never had any issues. Were you doing anything specific when the BSODs happened, like gaming? I find it odd that creating a new desktop profile would fix it, although game-specific settings in the nvidia driver for that user profile could possibly cause them...
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    Political Donations Via Corporations

    It gives a lot more power back to the people when this happens, and the wealthy candidates don't have that much more of an advantage here. The party that is in power, and passed this bill (law) is the NDP. Most of the people we voted in for the NDP this last election tend to be average citizens, not necessarily the wealthier ones. The lady representing my area is an average mother, lives in a small, older home with her family, and drives an average car (I can't remember the model, but I believe it was from the early to mid 2000's). We just have a provincial election on May 5 of this year, in which we voted in the NDP. Previously, the party that was in power was the PCs, who tend to be more pro-business, and are usually wealthier business owners themselves. Prior to May 5, the PCs had 70 seats and the NDP only had 4. However, the PCs have said and done a few things in the past few years that have annoyed the common citizens of the province, and took a beating in the last election. They only got 10 seats, and the NDP got 54 (we have 3 other parties as well), so as you can see, having money doesn't make it easier to win the election. I think part of the difference (coming from someone who only observes the US political system, so take this with a grain of salt...) is that we have parties that are actually fighting for peoples votes. It isn't as simple as just throwing a bunch of money at marketing in the year coming up to the election, and hoping for the best. Also, the parties are different from each other, so we have choice. This keeps our government more accountable to the people. Another difference is that we vote once, instead of having those primaries and all that other stuff where the candidates basically just game the system to get themselves elected by manipulating the voting regions. There is a bit of that happening here, but it is harder to pull off. Something else to consider is that we also have limits on the amount that an individual person can donate per year to their political party, so the rich can't just effectively buy their votes that way.
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    Tom Clancy’S Ghost Recon Wildlands

    I love how the "Stealth" option involves big explosions... I really hope this has massive multi-player coop, that would be sweet to have like 16 guys hit a base in a coordinated strike.
  7. =TS=meisanerd2

    Dx11 Hardware On Dx8 & 9 Games

    WadCutter, from someone rocking a decent GOG catalog, those aren't old games... I have never had issues related to the DirectX version, when playing old games. Ive even fired up some good old DX3 games on some DX10 hardware. The biggest thing I have issues with regarding these old games is that stupid DRM garbage like SecureROM, as old versions of that have issues with newer optical drives (such as DVD or BluRay drives).
  8. =TS=meisanerd2

    Using A New Ssd To Replace My Main Drive. Need Help!

    Not sure if it still works, but with Steam, what I would do is move the program folder (ie: add .bak to the folder name, or move it to a different drive). Then, hit install and start the download. Now quit steam, copy the files into the newly created folder, open steam again. It should then verify the files and not have to download them again.
  9. =TS=meisanerd2

    Grand Daughter

    I dunno, she looks sneaky to me... I'd be watching your tags Cross, I think she is gonna come for them ;) Congrats
  10. =TS=meisanerd2

    Recommended Ssd

    Darn, I wish I was in the US... Great deal on a great SSD.
  11. =TS=meisanerd2

    Recommended Ssd

    I agree with blind, with one minor note. If you go Samsung, I would go with the Pro series. The EVO's are TLC, and don't have nearly as long of a lifespan as the Pros do.
  12. =TS=meisanerd2


    So, as a Canadian, I have to ask, what constitutes a cold wintery Australia? Because I am pretty sure that your usual winter is probably considered warm around here...
  13. =TS=meisanerd2

    Pc Help And Remote Support

    Don't uninstall any of the old MS Updates, it takes a bit of work to track down which ones have been replaced, and which ones are still needed. Besides, most of the superseded ones don't take up any space anyway as the newer update just replaced the files created by them. The best option, if you need space, is to uninstall any programs you don't need anymore. This includes doing custom installs of things like the Adobe Creative Suite (ie: if you only use Photoshop and Dreamweaver, you can select Custom on the install wizard, and unselect things like Illustrator...). The other thing to do is what Zoe referenced, open My Computer, right click on the drive, select the "General" tab, and run "Disk Cleanup". It will give you a number of suggestions of what you can remove to free up some space.
  14. =TS=meisanerd2

    Nomination For New Computer

    Depends on the power supply. Some of them are only 120, but most of the good ones are capable of switching between 120 and 240V, either automatically or by a switch on the back. You might need to get a different cable, though, than the one that comes with it.
  15. =TS=meisanerd2

    Time Zone

    I think the time on the server itself is off. It seems to slowly be losing time.
  16. =TS=meisanerd2

    Is A Alaptop Worth Upgrading?

    The Dell Inspiron lineup is pretty low on the power scale as far as laptops go. Pretty much all you will be able to do is put in more RAM and possible swap the hard drive for an ssd, neither one of which will make much of a difference since the laptop has an i3 in it. The i3's are decent for media consumption, but don't expect too much processing power from them. Upgrading the RAM will be pointless, as most games are only 32-bit, so they will only see up to 4GB of RAM anyway, and any games newer than that won't run on the i3 at all. My recommendation would be to just suffer through it as it currently is set up, and just watch classifieds or such to see if someone is selling a good gaming machine for an affordable price.
  17. =TS=meisanerd2

    My Quede Steam Games

    Hate to say it, but there isn't much steam can do to get the game sizes down any more. Most of the size is due to the images used in the textures, and you need fairly high-res textures to make it look good at 1920x1080. Images do not compress very well (or at all), because you just start to lose significant quality. I could see one possible option, but it would be a fair amount of work to set up, and that would be to offer 2 or 3 versions of the game download, such as low res and high res. If you didn't care how good everything looked, or ran at a lower resolution (like 1366x768 - stupid laptop fake "high-definition" screens), you could download the low res package. If you like quality and don't care about bandwidth, download the high res. The other option would be to tell all of your American ISP's to quit being retarded greedy anti-consumer companies, and start offering plans that are similar to the rest of the civilized world. Then, you could just install a game when you wanted to play it, and remove it when you were done.
  18. =TS=meisanerd2

    Depreciation Error

    This error in particular just really annoys me, as I have had to fix it around 1.6 billion times in Joomla at work. I am not the biggest fan of this current trend of "just develop it, don't worry about how much processing it takes because everyone has super-powerful computers now anyway". The guys that do this usually don't realize that people run more than one program on their computer at a time, and if they all do this it just makes everything run really slowly. Learn to code efficiently, make it instinctive, and it doesn't take any more time to create stuff than doing it the inefficient way, but it runs way better.
  19. =TS=meisanerd2

    Depreciation Error

    Bahh, I hate it when people use regular expression functions in php for basic string replaces. It is so inefficient. That line is a simple fix. Just change $title2 = ereg_replace("_", " ", "<b>$title</b>"); with $title2 = str_replace("_", " ", "<b>$title</b>");
  20. =TS=meisanerd2

    Calling All Bf4 Players!

    As an FYI, the platoon appears to be set to invite-only, so nobody can apply to join. Either that, or the Battlefield guys just hate us Canadians because we get way better snowboarding conditions than they do...
  21. =TS=meisanerd2

    Graw Servers

    Hamachi is usually the one I use, as it is a fairly simple one to set up. I think there are tutorials on the download page (or possible when you launch the program...). Not sure about the dedicated servers as I have never tried it, but I can't think of any reason why it wouldn't work.
  22. =TS=meisanerd2

    Graw Servers

    You can completely bypass GameSpy by using the Local tab in the multiplayer screen. It is easiest to do this when you have all of the computers at the same location, but it is possible to do this over the internet as well. If the computers are at the same location, one player creates a local game, and then it will show up in the Local tab for all the other players. To do it over the internet, all the players have to set up a VPN to the host's house, and then proceed as if doing it at the same location. I have done this with a couple of friends, but it is a bit more complicated to set up.
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    On the upside, GRAW does support direct connections, so if you are slightly insane (or technical, same thing really...), it would be possible to keep the game live without gamespy. It would just make it slightly harder to connect to the server, and you wouldn't know if others are on before connecting.
  24. =TS=meisanerd2

    Graw & New Hardware

    I have similar hardware (SSD, i7, 670), but haven't seen any of the issues you reported. I used to have issues similar to that, but they seemed to disappear when I turned off the physx support for the game. Not sure how to do that in the newer drivers, though... I haven't played in a while, though, so I can't rule out that there is something broken in the newer nvidia drivers. Does this happen constantly, or do you have to be in a game for a while to trigger it? Also, is it only multiplayer? Stock install, or do you have RC2? I can probably get GRAW running again and find out if I have the same issues now.
  25. =TS=meisanerd2

    My Graw Stats Suck

    I'm with Wad on this one, SCAR-H/L is the way to go, semi-auto. I personally prefer the H as it hits harder, and I hate having to tell a guy to die more than once :32 (20): , but I have run out of ammo on numerous occasions. With any gun, just get good at going for headshots, and be patient. Don't shoot wildly when you see a tango, take the extra half a second to line up a good shot. Using the SCAR-H, I have consistently had both better accuracy and more kills than guys using pure M99 because of that. If you do go .50 with the M99, try to line up guys. It will go through multiple enemies (which really boosts your accuracy rating, and likely will get you called a hacker a few times...).