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  1. i like the graphics of BFBC2 it looks bigger and you aim better bf3 makes me angry its so small and unrealistic where do you see you shoot i guy with a jet out of a helli jump from the jet in the air into the vacated helli and fly further in it that rubbish and where do you see i guy laying in a whall what bull i dont like bf3 i play mostely the sp mp is to frustrating for me the other night i aim through (while lying down with a bypod) a 12 scope the guy is small i shoot him twise in the head one see blood but no death and at that range he shoots me with a red dot pistol one shot and im dead no man thats rubbish i maar play on our one south african bfbc2 server that is left than bf3 its to frustrating to unrealistic i vote for another BFBC
  2. yes me myself would like a BFBC3 why do they make only BF games now and what about some new maps for BFBC2 that would be nice atleast the mod tools is now out for BFBC2
  3. ja,es wird gut sein Deutch zu lernen ,yes it will be good to learn German mutch the same as my langauge afrikaans ich komme aus Sudafrica und sie
  4. Anyone know when the demo is gonna be released?
  5. High guys here in South Africa all the old ways to are going lost the young people dont care about the old ways i myself learned early to cook and make fire and so on i atleast make my own chutney and jam and so on its cheaper tastes better and last longer no preservatives either, i will teatch my 2 daughters at an early stage to do all those things knitting will also be apart from it and how to cook because i had to teatch my wife how to cook no jokes even how to make an omlet that is sepose to be the mothers job to do butt families are living past eatch other in these modern days and thus a whole lot is being lost to the past ,i want to make candels butt dont seem to find molds to make it still looking though, anyway i hope that people will make an effort to teatch the young people the old ways and also to respect their elders [ lots of young people these days has no respect i myself aint that old] ,anyway hope it will make you think and agree that it is the treuth it only take one person to make a diffrence. [i myself like the bushcraft people thats something i really would like to do butt no one here neer me.]
  6. It was nice to sea the =TS= server for left4dead2 in steam shows the exstend =TS= will go for their members from my side
  7. LOL nicely said wadcutter i myself are currently in the market for a newer GPU thus its good to read up about posts of gpus for me and other people looking for a new GPU,enjoy.
  8. I am ready to play please invite me (O.B.C.-Ra$$ie),G@tvol (O.B.C.-G@tvol)Blade (O.B.C-Blade) O.B.C stands for old boys clan for who is wondering because we are a bit older than most people playing in S.A lots of young children playing on steam tnx i use Ra$$ie as my gaming name here due to every one nows me as Rassie can always change my =TS= name to =TS= Rassie
  9. Hi guys i have it on steam currently at level62 would be nice to make private match with our team stealth if my conection can handle it got the stimulus map pack to telkom said theyl be upgrading the line to 8mb/s before worldcup soccer hope so,see you oacks
  10. Cant wait
  11. Hi ive been playing MW2 on steam to (and left for dead )butt i must still get into the game i use Scorpiox-A1 on steam i can change it to =TS= Scorpiox-A1 invite me if you want me to join ,if you want to that is,please let me know
  12. JA,Well no one is perfect ill take you oucks as you are i aint perfect either so we make a good team :) like i say take me as i am or get lost or in afrikaans "vat die gaat soos n vraat"
  13. Hi guys if one buy something on this site or any other for that matter how can 1 get it to South Africa? and how mutch will it cost me? just wondering or else i must ma buy it here if posible.
  14. Hi Pie i still have my origanal disck code key for XPhome edition will it work if i download maybe a xp and putt in my keycode?? butt must i get Home editon ?? downloaded spybot S&D.
  15. Hi guys i bought myself so far a INTEL I7 920 do chip (its a qaud core)dont get the co stepping ensure its do stepping and a MSI X85 PRO-E gamming edition board its good for its price here in SA anyway got 3 gpu ports and can run both ati and nvidia gpus thats why i chose it good for future and 6gigs dominator ram butt fast ram aint that mutch important with a I7 chip so i read anyway so now i wonder what box can i get to plug the 3 motherboard fans into i have my old 3D AURORA box butt i dont want to brake her (my first pc i build myself)up due to me giving her live im thinking of a cooler master cm storm scout box it looks nice and have 2x 140mm fans 1 at top and at front and 1x90mm at back butt the 90mm can be replaced with a 120mm fan what do you guys think?, ill keap my current Logitech G9 mouse and G15 keyboard its quite nice rather safe for good qaulity look the G9 up on the net at the end get the best posible due to computers keap getting fancier so to get stuff that is just hanging on on a fred aint worth getting buy the best you can aford,dont go take out a homeloan it aint worth it rather hang on to your cash till hardware drops a bit after new hardware are released on the market you wont lose just gain only overclockers of the best hardware on the market wont do it wiat that is they want their few minutes of shine before the next guy is better im a gamer not a good one butt trying at least im getting older and my reactions slower so better tech helps a lot, ui would like advice on a good psu as well not one breaking the bank i have a 500w one at the moment butt will it be future proof?