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  1. I it is a 30 year old Single Malt Scotch Whiskey I will drive down.
  2. Hi Mongo - good to have someone join the team that is almost as old as me. Welcome.
  3. Thanks for the nice compliment Hawk - haven't played BC2 with you for a while - come in sometime & you can kick my butt .
  4. Played BC2 with him a couple of days ago. A real gentleman - should be a Canadian (this is a great compliment) - he appologized to me a couple of times during the game; however, I don't care if I get killed by anyone in the game as long as they do it without base raping or any other form of cheating.
  5. Welcome to our team. Don't like COD Black Ops. To fast for this old fart & it looks to much like the last one. If you play BC2, please have respect for your elders - LOL.
  6. I vote yes. Need more players closer to my age.
  7. Vote yes as a junior member.
  8. Cross - Having some health issues myself & not knowing how bad they are is frustrating. I will light a candle for you at church on Sunday.
  9. I vote yes. Need more Canadians on the Team.
  10. Membership application is not complete - no DOB - location "here"?
  11. Request for the password for BC@ - CC.
  12. Another Yank - oh well I vote yes, as long as he is not a Ravens fan. Go Steelers Go.
  13. Even though he is young & British, I vote yes, but only if he does not kill me too many times in Bad Company 2.
  14. Another Lady & a Yank at that - the Yanks need all the help the can get, especially of the female gender. LOL. I vote yes.