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  1. there is plenty of us that play the division and know the map really well.. so once you get your GPU sorted just ask someone to take you round, it can take a day to fully level up less time the more of a full squad you get together
  2. i think everyone from the beginning of teamstealth will be up for this but like you say the more people will just kill the connection..
  3. so is th 15th april ok with everyone? what time are you able to get online?
  4. hey moon im up for that.. start a new campaign with a set team... but can only play when we are all online!!!??!!
  5. So its been a whie since we have got together for a bit of BFBC2 banter,, so lets plan a date when we can all get together and have a few games of the old treasured game... upto you guys just let me know if you are interested.. im looking at saturday 15th April if thats good with everyone?
  6. i cant really judge the game as i was playing keyboard and mouse which seemed quite difficult especially when i was trying to use a specific moveset.. this game will really progress for people that do have a control pad though.. apart from that one bad point the game itself seemed really good and if i had a pad i would definitly purchase a copy
  7. is there another group in the division that uses the TS tags... came up against 1 last night, name was TS_deadpool2a.. one of ours? or not? anyways we had a gunfight in darkzone lasted a while but eventually i got killed by one of his team mates.. they was going rogue for almost an hour finally was able to get my own back and waited for the manhunt to begin... kept my distance and let other agents fight them.. as soon as their health was down, i came in and took them out with my sniper rifle from afar..
  8. what are you running.. which OS have you got? can you not download the drivers direct?
  9. jet road kills, Awesome.. its the sound that just kills it for me... squish... i remember the days in BFBC2... trying to knife people as they attacked on a quad... good times
  10. Yeah i got Ghost Recon through Ubi aswell... and when i was reading the terms and conditions, apparently im not allowed to talk about the game for 5 years without resulting in some form of punishment enforced by the courts of France, for atleast 5 years... the game is due to be released in 6 months so why cant i talk about it then lol... anyhoo i fairly liked it and will look forward to playing as soon as it is released... lets hope UBI dont see this post
  11. whos looking forward for this release.. sadly i am not allowed to discuss gameplay on any form of social media, websites, forums.. other than than the forum dedicated by ubisoft.. Also i am NOT allowed to capture any game footage or images either...
  12. the only explanation i can gather for such a high accuracy in BF3 with the SKS is double headshots but that means you landed double headshots 12 times.. you are banned only because of a faulty plugin.. those are some great shots by the way.. i will try to inform the developers about the problem we are seeing with the plugin.. and if you know which servers you got banned from try and inform one of the admins.. i believe they are using procon to run their servers automatically and they need to release your name from the blacklist.. you are only banned on servers that are using this plugin.. best way round to ensure you dont see any future bans is to play BF3 use the SKS and miss a few headshots.. or injure first then kill..
  13. Hi Hitman, firstly, the ban you have recieved is not an official ban.. not Supported by EA... so you will have to contact the guys that are running that server and plea your case.. i've looked into your stats and i agree that you have not used the SKS rifle once whilst playing BF4 as it isnt even unlocked yet.. been checking metabans and you officially have not been banned by any main EA servers just the one server has detected you... the reason for your Ban is the stupid plugin that they are running called CheatDetector.. This plugin tries to detect cheaters by their BF3 Battlelog Stats. This is done in the following way: When a new player has joined (by detecting new entries in the playerlist. not by the playerjoined event, to prevent spamming) his stats are fetched from his Battlelog page (3 requests). This is done for 1 player every 30 seconds, to not trigger any restrictions on the Battlelog side using a fifo-queue (first in, first out. or fcfs (first come, first served)) Then every weapons stat (with more than 130 kills, or more headshots than kills with more than 20 kills) is checked against a collection of averages to decide if its normal, suspicious or impossible. The following stats are checked: Player SPM (score per minute) Weapon k/m (KPM, kills per minute) Weapon hs/k (HSPK, headshots per kill) Weapon k/h (KPH, kills per hit) Weapon accuracy.. if you look at your BF3 stats for the SKS rifle you have 117 headshot kills and only 105 kills giving a kill percentage of 111% calling for a suspicous ban.. It sucks like hell that people have to use stats for a different game to determine whether you are using a hack.. Thirdly,, Getting banned is the norm for =TS= tag holders,, ive been banned on several servers because someone doesn't like my play style.. and the same goes for a few other people here.. or if the admin on that particular server doesnt like the way pressed the W key they will issue a ban for that server.. so either plea your case with the server admins, or find a new server.. it is the plugin they are using that has called you out, which is stupid for using BF3 stats on a BF4 server please remember to gently stroke your keys, and not beat the keyboard because the admins will know
  14. that some really fast recoil you got from rifle.. i agree shoulder shot.. slow it down frame by frame and you see all the blood explode from the ear.. you also see that you recover from the recoil before the shot landed
  15. oooh... i dont know davey.. :oh really: :big gun: