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  1. haha... thats good
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  6. anyone got into a match with a modded host?
  7. There are no dedicated servers for MW2, which really sucks..
  8. PMed, and applied
  9. For those interested in home theater PC software..
  10. Yoeman, I am getting the same error.. when trying to download from the search results..
  11. I am not sure on that one,,,
  12. yeah, MS licensing is a pain, but I have heard that if you do have a crash or something and you have to reinstall then all you need to do is call MS's number for activation and tell them what happened and they should get you going pretty quickly. as far as the sigs,
  13. Yep sure sounds like you have been hacked..
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  15. I didn't read the complete review but Gamespot rated it 5.5. So I am guessing it's not good.
  16. Lil Wayne to the rescue.. LOL Click here
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  19. Captian, What kind of mic, and what OS are u running? Did you set up TS with push to talk or voice activation?
  20. Cool.. I am liking it so far.. The MP is pretty good... seems to run ok... the Spec Ops has some sync issues at time, Me and Cross have played it some.. We will have to get together in a game sometime.
  21. Ninite is an web based app that creates automated installs of free and downloaded programs. Simply go to http://ninite.com/ check the apps you want, click the get installer button and a small executable is downloaded. Then run the installer and walk away while all your apps are downloaded and installed without and of the (crapware) that is sometimes installed with it.(i.e. toolbars) Check it out at http://ninite.com/
  22. Thats what I figured, because a Nascar fan would have never posted that.
  23. raptor you a Nascar fan... The F1 parts of the vid are cool.
  24. Modern Warfare 3 is already on the way. :lol: http://www.theonion.com/content/video/ultra_realistic_modern_warfare