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  1. Played for a little bit.. It was rather fun.. I could see it being pretty good fun with a team. Strategy and communication will be key to be successful.
  2. Anyone testing it out?
  3. I got stuck in a hole.
  4. Yep,. I started the pre-load yesterday. I'm ready to go.
  5. Yep, I registered a couple months ago. Guess I'm not special.
  6. Did any one get a beta code?
  7. Just got done playing the open beta for a few hours.. Only played rush. I was impressed with how smoothly it went. Only had one issue of lag. Got ran over by a horse a few times that was fun. lol
  8. check out this site called pc perspective - The url is to what they call their hardware leaderboard.
  9. ExillDan, Here is my take on your issues...
  10. This is what $50 a month with get you where I live...
  11. The other thing to consider is the size and resolution your monitor.
  12. Zoa, as with all things it depends on how much $$$ you can spend..
  13. Doing all you can to get an head start...
  14. Yep, I played it some as well... Had a good time..
  15. I Have to agree with Yeoman on this..