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  1. so, who here has thought about streaming? have you looked at your setup? have you thought about what content you'd stream? comments would be interesting to see as i know myself and others are toying with the idea.
  2. been playing World of Warships, the Division, Wildlands, Elite Dangerous and lastly and mostly H1Z1 King of the Hill.
  3. heres a link to Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands Reveal Trailer – E3 2015 Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands is the first military shooter set in a massive and responsive open world, entirely playable in 4 player co-op or solo. Coming to PS4, Xbox ONE and PC.
  4. does anyone know of how to run a phone/tablet app on a PC? tried acouple of emulators but failed. wondered if theres anything else out there that can be used.
  5. well, just foundout open beta is 23rd to the 27 feb.
  6. pmsl
  7. Version


    Features To install this skin open your teamspeak install folder and copy and past the two folders named "gfx" and "styles" found in the zip file you downloaded if it asks to overwrite or replace existing folders click yes, now go to your settings in teamspeak and select options you will find your new skin under the design tab....enjoy this is the file path to your teamspeak install folder C:Program FilesTeamSpeak 3 Client


  8. did you register for it bwarned? when you logged into the wildlands page and then gone to the "how to" page there should of been a link to download. thats if you were successfully picked to play it.
  9. has anyone heard of this? was wondering if it was real or not link at own risk. https://digitalgarage.withgoogle.com/
  10. MEOW!
  11. yup.
  12. oooooo. i dont know..... this one could be dodgy! hahahaha
  13. yup yup yup, a good laugh in channel
  14. here's the offical trailer for the new up and coming Rainbow Six Siege not looking too bad for a Alpha
  15. seen that around on teamspeak alot. havent spoken to them myself by heard good things.
  16. 2016's Battlefield release will see the franchise return to its military-centric roots, continuing the theme of previous mainline entries in the series and not the cops-and-robbers style of Battlefield Hardline, EA CFO Blake Jorgensen announced during the 2014 UBS Global Technology Conference attended by GameSpot. This upcoming Battlefield release, which was announced last month, is shaping up to be a "fun, new Battlefield," said Jorgensen. "That will be a return to a Battlefield military-style game; more to come on that." Battlefield Hardline is EA's next core Battlefield title, and is scheduled for a March 2015 launch. There will not be a new Battlefield release for holiday 2015, however, with EA CEO Andrew Wilson previously stating "We want to give Battlefield 4 and Battlefield Hardline players more time to enjoy these games and immerse themselves in a game, the live service, and the community." As was previously announced, The next major Battlefield game - the one after Battlefield Hardline - is slated for a release during the third quarter of EA's 2017 fiscal year. In calendar terms, that means Battlefield 5 (or whatever it may be called) will arrive sometime between October and December 2016. original article http://www.polygon.com/2014/11/20/7253363/battlefield-2016-military
  17. think the recent comments box on the righthand side of the forum box maybe broken as its been stuck on "cutting edge gamer" for ages. and not listing comments on other topics.
  18. think its only 4 as per the usual other games sadly.
  19. well theres been a release date of 08.03.16. so its now offical that its going to be in 2016. so, is it being released 8th of march or 3rd of august??? knowing how some do their dates. lol http://tomclancy-thedivision.ubi.com/game/en-GB/home/?ncid=1628-3502-5748--1-pdsocmed-1-1-TCTD_VW_PREL_E3_TRAILER_UK_FB-TCTD_VW_PREL_E3_TRAILER_UK_FB-1-4-11-0615 also theres beta testing coming up xbox is december 2015. all other platforms in early 2016. http://tomclancy-thedivision.ubi.com/game/en-GB/beta/index.aspx?ncid=1628-3502-5748--2-odsocmed-16-44-TCTD_C2W_PREL_E3_BETA_FB-TCTD_C2W_PREL_E3_BETA_FB-1-4-11-0615
  20. well at the person hasnt expanded on anything after nearly two weeks. i know the answer i'll be giving unless a mircale happens!
  21. here's a list of free software programs that are planning to remain free into the future. these have not been tested by myself and you use at your own risk! :D EMAIL Mozilla Thunderbird https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/thunderbird/download OFFICE Libre Office http://www.libreoffice.org/ PHOTO EDITING picasa https://picasa.google.com/ SYSTEM CLEANER CCleaner http://www.piriform.com/ccleaner/download ACCOUNTING Wave Accounting https://www.waveapps.com/ AUDIO & VIDEO Media Monkey http://www.mediamonkey.com/ SECURITY Secunia PSI http://secunia.com/vulnerability_scanning/personal/ PRESENTATION Slide Dog http://slidedog.com/